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My boring blog...from 2 days ago

AdultFriendFinder CUSTOMER SERVICE: I HAVE EMAILED YOU AND ASKED YOU WHY THIS POST HAS BEEN DENIED... MAybe you can tell me what you don't like.
Okay, I tried submitting this early this morning but for the first time ever it was rejected by this site. Which makes no sense. I can blog about anal sex and hairy pussies but I can't blog about going to the chiropractor or what I do all day??? I have no idea what they want me to change so I will try this again and if it doesn't work this time I guess I have to call Customer service for the first time ever. Geez... so difficult here.

I am way too young to have the problems I have but Damn, I have them. I went to my chiropractor today. I swear, if only I could marry a chiro life would be great. I would settle for a massage therapist though...
So, I had a bad accident 8 yrs ago this August and it really screwed up my neck and back. I have seen my chiro on and off over the past years. He always alleviates the pain for me but I just asked him today... "Exactly when are you going to fix me?" He smiled and said he is working on me. I didnt see him for about 2 yrs in the middle of the 8 so it hasnt been constant. It was constant the first 2 or 3 yrs but after that... I lost my insurance and just "dealt" with the pain. AKA took MEDICATION **MAYBE THIS WORD WAS THE ONE THAT GOT MY BLOG REJECTED**. (prescription of course) Gotta love Vicodin. Yes, I'm rambling. I just got home and I have to leave again because my aunt is having a She needs me to help her w/ her business. Book keeping, accounting, taxes for a ton of people... Why on Earth am I working w/ #'s all day? I hated Math in school. Hmm... I go where the money is... I think I'm better at sex and God knows I'd make more as a prostitute... lol. However, there is that whole paranoia about STD's issue and you know the pimps and the money exchange and the possible psychotic men... yeah, I think I'll stick w/ doing taxes. lol.
Back to my chiro visit. So, I'm dying this morning. I wake up w/ a headache and my neck hurts and my back hurts so I need to be adjusted. I get there and get therapy (not mental, regardless of how much I may need it!) physical! and then he and I talk. Anyway, long story short... I'll see him again on Tuesday.
I need to go to work...

I know my regulars missed my yak, yak, rambling so here ya go! kiss!
Also, no time to proofread so be creative and figure out my typos!

I took this pic in Acapulco last May.

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