SassyChrisls 114F
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3/17/2006 3:32 pm

i've had enough of men. seriously... either they dont kno what the fuck they want or what they're doing! ok... some kno what they want.. but they still don't know what the fuck they're doing!

im chatting with this guy.... who started the chatting? i did... in the chatroom, of course, then i asked him about IMs. anyone who knows me knows i DON'T chat with "strangers" outside of A FF... so obviously, i must be interested enough, eh?

i keep bitchin about him flirting with other chicks.. i keep askin what he's doing, if he's tryin to play a game or something. No, he says.. he just likes to flirt... he likes me. Really likes me.

Then, all of a sudden.... i see him flirting a lil TOO much with a certain someone who's younger than me. I'm already jealous of her- all the guys like her. she IS cute, adorable, dorky, and funny....

so then im buggin him AGAIN about what he's doing... is he playin a game? tryin to play me? no.... apparently, he didnt think i was interested.

in fact.. he said "i didnt know".

How the hell didnt he know when im constantly buggin him about playin some sort of game cuz hes flirting with other chicks?

How the hell didnt he know when i said yes i like him... i just dont kno to what extent and it'd be something i'd kno once we meet. but yea.. i like him. "See, u dont like me" Huh? i never said i DIDNT! i just said i didnt know him well enough to know...

How the hell didnt he know when i, at some point, seriously wanted him to come up and meet me that nite? or the next day cuz he couldnt that nite? He kept saying "bull" as if i was joking around. "no, im serious!" i told him. "BULL"

Then for at least a week- i kept bringing up that nite.... i wasnt joking, i was serious ( "BULL" ) then finally, for some odd reason, one of the times i told the story in the room, he finally thought MAYBE.. just MAYBE i had been serious. "oh u were serious?" umm yea....

How the hell didnt he know when we had a discussion just a week ago about whether we could be together or not if i returned to stripping? "i cant be a with a stripper," says he. "I'm not THEM.. i'm ME and im nothing like a stripper, give me a chance" is what I'm saying to him.

Then he tells me, after i had mentioned something about him leading me on to think he was interested in more than friendship... "oh i get it now.... you thought we were more than friends"

umm DUH

of course, he's still telling me "i really like you...." but apparently we're just friends. he wants my other friend, my younger friend... he actually pays attention to what she says. But then again, he hasn't been smoking that weed.

when i talk.. hes too damn busy saying "bull" to anythin i say about anythin.

if i wasn't interested- then why the hell was i talkin to him?

why the hell was i buggin him about whether hes tryin to play me or not?

why the hell did i even ask "what do u want from me?" in the first damn place?

why the hell did i have a conversation about US being together if i was dancing? I wouldve said "dont worry about it cuz im not interested in you" or something like that

he's been too damn busy telling me i'm NOT interested and i've been telling him "u dont really know what is bull and what isnt!"

Now lucky her, my friend... hes talkin to her w/out the aid of weed, so maybe he'll actually pay her more attention. He already has been.. even tho she told him the exact same thing i had said - "i like you, i dont know you well enough to know how much"

Shouldn't he say "See, u dont like me" to HER, too? Or is it just me he was too busy tryin to convince himself who wasnt interested?

such a stupid man...."no im not a stupid man.. i just didn't know."

Yea right...

Didn't know, my ass!!!

greatnsexy69 48M

4/2/2006 10:50 am

All I want to know is how much weed was that guy smoking? Maybe that guy was a little insecure and the constant I Like You's were his form of validation? I don't know, maybe he just is that dense.

MissAnnThrope 57F
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3/23/2006 3:48 pm

Tag! You're it!

See my post, Dammit I've Been Tagged.

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3/17/2006 7:54 pm

you'd figure that if you're gonna play a group of people... at least keep your facts straight.. and assume that THEY TALK TO EACH OTHER.

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