Early Morning Lust  

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3/10/2006 2:29 am

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Early Morning Lust

I love being awakened in the early morning hours by a lustful growl, his mouth on mine full of hunger and greed as his tongue forces my lips apart. I love the feel of his hands grabbing my breasts and roughly pinching my nipples awake. He's all man in these early waking hours, all animal full of primal need. He is consumed with lust and desire and can think of only one thing. Using me for his own enjoyment, taking me. Making me his fuck toy.

My pussy wets itself before I am even fully awake. He has that effect on me. My body readies itself for him and invites him to take what is his. I moan as the weight of his body is upon me. I can smell his hunger. His growls continue as he dispenses with any gentleness and shoves his fully erect cock inside of me. I gasp as he plunges deeper. My mind screams, 'Deeper, deeper. Don't stop!' He doesn't. He couldn't if he wanted to. He is being led by his nature, his need to fuck his woman. His necessity to own her, every inch of her.

I claw at him trying to take him into my very soul. His cock hardens even more, stretching my pussy and threatening to tear it wide open. My moans are of pure pleasure. I feel like a woman, like his woman. I feel complete. I want to belong to him. He pounds into me over and over again. I can barely catch my breath. A tear rolls down my cheek. I am lost in the bliss. I want him to fuck me like this forever, but at the same time, I want his cum. With a final plunge, a growl, and the words, "god damn . . . god damn," he shoots his hot load deep inside me.

Spent, satiated, and feeling very much like the man he was born to be, he kisses me, rolls off and slips back into contented slumber. Ummm... I snuggle close and fall asleep on the waves of lingering lust.

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3/10/2006 3:07 am

excellent keep them coming

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