A memory  

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3/7/2006 9:00 pm
A memory

That brat in me that bursts onto the scene when I am feeling frightened and unsafe, had been throwing her tantrums for days. He had tried to reason with me, tried to be patient, and tried to understand, but when the brat is leading the show, there is no talking to me. The fear has taken over and my mind cannot see through the veil of uncertainty. It took him awhile, but at least that time he finally did figure it out.

After attempting to talk to me again and being met with verbal resistence, he simply grabbed my by the arm and started to take me to the bedroom. I fought with all 110 pounds of me, flailing, protesting, and fighting. He held fast. That was the first time a man had physically overpowered me. Though I fought it, it felt good. He tossed me over the bed, got the clothing out of the way of my bottom, and began to spank me soundly. My struggling continued along with shouts and screams that eventually gave way to sobs. I don't know when he changed to the belt, but I remember the sting of it. I remember trying to get away from its brutal bite. He remained steadfast in his chore. He whipped me until all of the anger, frustration, and fear was gone. I was left crying, spent, and exhausted.

He took me in his arms and held me. His touch was comforting. His voice soothing. I felt safe. I loved him with my entire being at that moment. I wanted to belong to him, be his girl. Always. I knew I could be the woman I had been born to be.

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