Massachusetts blows...  

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3/25/2005 5:42 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Massachusetts blows...

Ready for the night. Prepared 4 hours ago. Cleaned the body with my Dove soap, shaved the head with my mach3, and cleaned the pipes in the shower to clear the air. Felt good. Wish the woman would do it. Oh yeah, it's our night off from each other. Just got back from Florida. Sex 7 times this week. We put $14.00 in the "sex box", a dollar apiece. I think that makes somewhere around $70 since Jan 1st. Lame.

Well hopefully by July we'll have enough for hmmm doubt it.

10 phone calls now, to everyone with a damn cell phone that i don't have. Love the company pager though.. Who's birthday is it? two people? great.. who to go with? the friend i haven't spoken to in ages with the hot twin sisters, or M.K., ugly, with the ugly friend and hot friend who i kissed while drunk. oops. oh well, it was only a test. susan called, cool. time to hit some Jager & Red Bull. mmm.. apple martinis too. maybe a red-headed slut (or two).

I love red-heads. dated two of them. loved em both. slept with one. instant orgasms as soon as i entered her. like a minute later she flipped me and finished me off. damn that was a first. love the bisexual. only one i had. her girlfriend was nasty though. too bad i dumped her cause she lived 40 miles away. 40 fucking miles. best head i ever got, and she loved to bowl--and my friends liked her. damn i fucked up. now i got the high-maintenance bitch everyone hates. she's cute, but inexperienced. i need lovin'. i need a good whoop ass once in a while too. i hate easy bitches. i like a challenge. i miss the vegetarian, too. wow what a body. first one i taped. she loved the camera. what a fucking body..mmm... 5 feet, 104.lbs. Long brunette hair. six pack abs. super firm REAL c-cup. mmmmm... great legs, ghetto booty, best in bed ever... she couldn't orgasm though. damn did i try every fucking day though. 2 damn years. i thought it was me. huh!

Bought the coors light 20 pack, after the shots, it's time to hit it. beer second then it's off to springfield bars, probably worthington st, that's where the action is. should be there ni two hours i can't fucking wait. i need a good buzz. i drive down, susie drives back.. great bargain. what a fuckin' woman. damn can she drink. drink a lot of guys under the table. glad were friends. miss her if she leaves coke. i hate driving that damn truck. fucking no heat, damn wipers rattle. ugh. thank god for fridays. GOD? there is one? he forgot me. or i got cursed from that damn wicca woman i dated. biotch. i should have fucked her mom. witches and bitches. k. where's susie? well i gotta call some ladies back for the birthday drinking. peace all. <<-->>

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