Let me 'splain. No, is too much: let me sum up.  

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8/14/2006 5:16 am

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Let me 'splain. No, is too much: let me sum up.

When we last left our intrepid heroine, she was debating whether to go all Bandit and wear jeans to work when her boss was out of town and opening pondering the propriety of selling posters of cheesy-ass CGI characters developed explicitly for marketing purposes and not out of any artistic need to advance a plotline at the same place one can purchase love-cuffs. We now return to our story....

1. I am not sure whether I'll have a job after Labor Day. One of the partners at my office, one who is departing, I informed me in a very "you didn't hear it from me" way that he and one of the other guys will be gone by the end of this month. I told the guy who is staying, and who a few months ago asked me to stay with him, about this sharing of information but I don't feel like received adequate reassurance that I will still have a job after all this is said and done.

2. My dogs are losing their damn collective mind. I know they are acting out due to jealousy. They've gotten used to having Mom all to themselves and now there is a big thing there in their place (I'd say "man" but given my darlin's well-advertised furriness, they may think he's just a really big dog). I caught one of my dachshunds peeing on the couch *right in front of me* yesterday. We may need to visit the Dog Whisperer.

3. I can retroactively kill with my brain. I jokingly mentioned to Mr. Seriously last week that I was so desperate for a day off that I was thinking of killing off one of my aunts or uncles (an aside: I have not spoken to any of my extended family since my mom died, but that's another story). Out of morbid curiosity, I did a web search on my family's hometown newspaper and discovered that my uncle died in May. I was temporarily taken aback by the fact that no one told me, but then I realized the more important point was, I thought about "killing off" a relative and now one was dead. Lesson? Don't piss me off.

4. Just when I think I've reached the physical limits of how much I can be in love with Mr. Seriously, I find myself surprised to be yet deeper in love with him than I was the day before. He's said this about me, too, but honest to God, it's shocking. Y'all know this guy is something else, but let me tell you, you have *no idea* how wonderful and fabulous he really and truly is, in every possible way. I am, quite literally, the luckiest little chick on the planet because he's picked me. The rest of my drama doesn't matter a rat's ass so long as I can end my day wrapped up in his arms. The healing power his touch has on me is nothing less than astounding.

Of course, today I *won't* end my day in his arms because he has to go do work stuff (damned adulthood), but that's okay. I got plenty -- but not enough, never enough -- time with him this weekend that I can make it through one night without him.

The man bought me Star Wars Pez dispensers this weekend. How could I *not* love him?!

5. I get to meet his ex-wife this weekend. THAT should be interesting.

6. Finally...eighteen days until DragonCon! I look forward to this every year but this year, hell, I'm just looking forward to the days off. Okay, that's a lie. I'm dying to meet Wash and Xander...that'll be awesome. And I'm really looking forward to seeing Number One and introducing him to the joy and wonder that is DragonCon.

But I'm really looking forward to meeting Wash. Oh Dear God in heaven how I have longed to meet this guy.

This brings us up to speed. Happy Monday to everyone!

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8/14/2006 6:56 pm

#2. Lol, my dog is the SAME way, the other day he literally gave me a fuck you look lifted his leg and peed on my bookcase I stopped in to invite you to [post 468648], her and Kalie are tying the blog-knot

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