Can I admit I am wet?  

Sarahwilling 37F
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3/20/2006 8:56 pm
Can I admit I am wet?

Well, I am just impressed. I have been on this site for a little bit more than 24 hours and...let me profile has been viewed 867 times. I have been added to 68 hotlists. I have received 120 messages, and 86 winks... I am simply and gladly...wet.

I have not have time yet to look through the messages but so many seem so compelling. It gives me such a powerful feeling to have so many eager men to choose from... I think the last (few) days of compulsive masturbation might be over.

Today I could harldy work. In my office, checking my stats while feeling such a warmth between my legs. I could not help by blushing at the very few messages I was able to check. I almost never go home to change but I had to do it today...if you know what I mean.

Tomorrow I will seriously select my first AFFlover. I will tell you all about the process.

What do you think about this though? We all have times of flirt and time of seriousness. Should I only write when I feel dirty and slutty? or would people enjoy some serious reflections also?

I will think about it... Tomorrow selection, Wednesday my first (I hope the chosen one will be as available as all those wonderful men seem to be).

Among other things, I hope to get my first anal soon. Is it painful? lol.

Take care all. Yours, Sarah

rm_wiredaces69 48M
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3/20/2006 10:08 pm

All I can say is that whoever you choose is one really lucky man! I'm sure all the other men reading this will agree with me on that! Hopefully you choose me some day

kje112 52M

3/21/2006 11:03 am

Good luck in your search! I just hope that I'm in the running

As for your last question about anal, it will hurt if the guy just rams himself in there without regards to you and what you're feeling. But, if he takes his time to properly warm you up, using his mouth, tongue and fingers to get you ready, you will feel not pain, but incredible pleasure! I have experience in being a woman's first anal lover so I do know what I'm talking about.

I wish you nothing but great pleasure with whomever you choose as your lover!
Have lots of fun with it!!

Take care,

irishtongue71 52M

3/22/2006 12:26 pm

You should probably choose someone with Anal experience if that's what you desire. I, sadly, am not that one. Too bad, because I have a brunette/green eyed fetish like no other.

You're an incredibly beautiful woman and the lucky guy is just that....super lucky....


cockandballz2 41M

3/22/2006 3:06 pm

Hey there sexy. I love your pics and your album pics are great. Check out the pic I sent you. Hopefully we can talk and get to know each other and take it from there. We are both very attractive people who should get to know each other.

singlequietone 68M
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4/18/2006 11:05 am

Hi Sarah,
Just my luck! Thirty years to old, a thousand miles away, and four weeks too late. Story of my life. I knew half of Wisconsin would try to be in touch. Just be careful, you have plenty of time and choices. Best to you.

Eddie5011 43M

6/20/2006 6:37 am

You are saying here you are waiting for your first anal, but on your more recent blog says you've had it once......What was it like, as I would like to par-take with it someday. Does it hurt or was it wild?

rm_kittypop71 48F

7/4/2006 4:23 pm

Good luck and Anal is only painful if the slob is insensitive and after his own cum as opposed to treating you well..

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