Isomniac Memories Resurface  

Saorise2 38F
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6/23/2006 2:11 am

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6/29/2006 4:29 pm

Isomniac Memories Resurface

Memory 1#

Going skinny dipping at Lake Catherine in Hot Springs with three guys and three girls including me. Getting shoved in the water and stripped, by the girls My best friend snuggling up to my then boyfriend's arms and saying "Oooo you have goosebumps..."
My boyfriend replying ".....that's not a goosebump."

Later on that evening hearing same best friend yell out about me, "If any one starts drowning, grab her. She's got floaters."

Memory 2#

One of my friends insisting that I eat a pickle everytime he saw me. Was fascinated by the lack of gag reflex and my then boyfriend being extremely smug. The pickle trick became very popular.

Memory 3#

The year out of highschool when I was Magenta in a Rocky Horror Picture Show showing. Let's do the TIME WARP AGAIN.... and getting hit in the nose by a roll of toilet paper.

Memory 4#

The cross dressing contest that my friend was in during highschool. For his talent portion, he sang "Sweet Transvestite" and threw off his cape to reveal that he was nancing about in my underwear that I didn't know my roomie had gotten him. Never got my zebra striped undies back..hmm...

Memory 5#

Playing strip poker on Hot Springs mountain with about 10 other people and being caught by a forest ranger who happened to get an eyeful. Was very embarrassed.

Memory 6#

Being interrupted in the middle of nookie by a group of nuns. I had through that doing that right by a hiking trail wasn't a great idea, no matter how early it was.

Kevin4funtime 39M
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6/25/2006 12:15 am

hmm some of these sound damn familiar, and that does explain where D. got those undies while we were roomies

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