What makes me relax and good...  

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3/12/2006 8:18 am

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3/13/2006 3:00 pm

What makes me relax and good...

*Good music(listen and sing)


*Good food(of course coffee too)

*Talk to my important people(Mom and ex-boss)

*Drink of beer(not too much!lol)

*Nice view




*Spend lazy

*New thing


*Good sleep

*Surprised and a little disappointed

*Enjoy chatting with people and friends

....Yes I had ALL things on this weekend. It was really made me enjoy and excited because I didn't have the weekend like that long long time. Mostly my weekend were listen to music, have beer, watch of sports games on TV, Internet and still waited for a contact..... But this weekend was not! Of course I have still fever yet and many problems and hard things now too but feel so better NOW...and I wanted to say thank you for all

Especially.... Ms.AL4L... Thank you so much for your kindness and made me feel so fine every time!! I am feel so sad because you will leave from this website tonight... I had really enjoy chat with you as same as when I read your weblog I am glad we can became good friends right now...It was sooooo long since I met to her on this website about 2years half before... Wow, 2years half before! I was glad I saw many old friends at chat room tonight because all friends seemed have enjoy last chatting with her I wish her happy and success!!!

Some big events were gone already...That means end of this weekend I am just feeling again I am alone...But I can remember of good memories... because I found a very good website about listen to the radio station's play song. My favorite is a nice person told me the station, they playing good Jazz&fusion or sometimes R&B or Soul Classic playing 24-7. The radio station is in the U.S.A and can listen to the Japanese music network system(USEN) too. But it sounds funny because morning or afternoon are playing very slowly and romantic Jazz or R&B and night time are fusion... Yes U.S.A and Japan are different time. When here is morning or afternoon, there is evening or (mid)night.

I just remember my good memories with a person. The person was really like this radio station and we had listen to all night long... Yes I had listened all night long last night. It remind of me just good memories...

Now is feel mellow... but have to go sleep soon because start for a week and maybe it will be back to still busy and hard and get the stress for end of this week...

Oops... I will just remember how much I had enjoy.... especially I saw and tried to take pictures of the beautiful view from the ferris wheel... Oh I will make my album on my profile this week! I am glad I found an enjoy thing right now! Hmmmmm just one? not anymore??

I know what is relax and good things are best to me... But it can not come true because too hard...

Well, this time all for now.

Have a wonderful week for all readers!!


March 13th 1:18am(Japan time) updated

rm_luxure75 37M

3/13/2006 2:44 am

glad to see that your week-end was quite nice finally!
I would have liked helping to make it better but you denied my contact request on the chat... kanashii...

But that doesn't matter, I think I'll talk to you someday....

SamuraiPrincess2 51F

3/13/2006 3:00 pm

Hi luxure75,

Yes I had a good weekend but I think it was gone already...
I just hope you could read of my profile and get to know what I write.

Have a nice day,


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