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2/24/2006 5:36 am

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Today is Friday and mostly people having enjoy right now because start for weekend. But I don't have any special plan... no I have one... I starting drink of a beer and listen to my favorite music. It makes me really comfort and relax

I think music is my thing and music is only who knows how can make me feel so good and happy when I am feel so blue... Now is playing Sam Cooke's song, You Send Me. Oh it is my song because my screen name is "Sam"..

Well, I know today is just one month passed. I often remember of that when I was at work... I want to ask, what are you doing and where are you now... Are you okay? Do you have smile sometimes? Do you still remember me?....

I don't know how many times or days I had to be patient... But I am(was) trying to do that but it makes me hard sometims... so it is one of reason, why did I re-join to this website.

Well, I go to sleep... Have a wonderful weekend for all... I mean someone reading my weblog until now

SamuraiPrincess2 51F

2/26/2006 7:29 pm


Thank you for your comment. Please don't worry about looking for advice because I am glad you left message on my weblog Yes I have enjoy listen to music and get the power...

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