Hands kissing  

Sam2004Toronto 48M
5/8/2006 1:47 pm
Hands kissing

Does a women feel uncomfortable, if a special friend or bf or significant or other, extends his hand, palm open, asks for her hand in the car as a gesture to say "good bye" after a going out or a walk or movies or a dinner, holds it fingers crossed, kisses it and says ... take care sweets, talk to you later on ?

what do you think ladies ...is that too corny or just to uncomfortable .... what would you do ?

guys ...do you ever express such an appreciation to your lady that way ? ...what did she say
I think he should kiss me all over!
very nice just accept it and feel glad about it
every guy should show this gratitude for the presence of his lady
i'll try to say no ....if he stops then i'll accept next time
i am much into the regular kiss on the cheek thingie
never tried it before but i'd love to have someone who treats me like that
never tried it ..nor want to try it if it happens i'll punch him right in the nose
feels awkward ... i would smell fish later after that dinner.....
uncomfortable i don't like that
too corny should not be done women don't deserve it

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