The tears I shed  

Salena_666 31F
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3/7/2006 11:01 pm
The tears I shed

The pain within,
Dwells so deep,
It is a burden within,
It replaces the pain with;
Taunting thoughts,
These thoughts forbid,
I sleep!
I run and run,
As far as I can,
But the reality is
It follows like
A guiding shadow!
Sometimes I feel
There is no hope,
It is a life long curse
It can't be sustained.
The intensity,
Of my life,
Is the road I walk!
A one tracked life,
Is all I've ever,
Life and death,
Made me rethink,
The endless possibilities,
Now I walk,
A road unknown,
And so much more!!!
Is what the possibility brings.
Don't curse me for my,
Just know
I am reborn.

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