Turmoil in the Middle East, One thousand years of anguish.  

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8/3/2006 10:27 pm

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Turmoil in the Middle East, One thousand years of anguish.

Why dream small?

I am no one. I read. I think. And recently I began to write. Something is boiling just below the lid. It is not a fully found idea as yet. I believe this is a good time to begin the examination of the facets of this stone. Facets is good. Many faces of one stone. Many faces.

The echoes of the Crusades are with us today. Some Pope and political advisers needed to divert attention or garner influence. And, 'Et voila!', a Holy War. Or more correctly an Unholy War. I won't lead you to the details that will prove my poor memory. The Pope started it for personal gain. Saladin forebear to entangle himself and his nation. And was finally dragged into a war because of the Crusaders extreme overuse of force against civilians.

Sound familiar?

Escalation upon escalation down through a thousand years. Todays conflict traces it's roots back a full thousand years.

Israelis used tactics in the 1940,s no different than Palestinians use today. Palestinians are not united, cannot negotiate as one. So there is always a faction throwing a wrench in the works. Israelis won't grant basic freedoms of vote and speech and due process, so the disenfranchised fight.

Complexities upon complexities for one thousand years.

We have amply proven one thing. The next war, the next fight, does not end anything. The next war, the next fight, does not improve the security of anything. NO ONE CAN SECURE A BORDER WITH A GUN. NO ONE.

Hezbollah breaks a truce. And the Israelis bomb Mozambique. They may as well have. They killed mostly civilians. And now the childless mother is thinking what of Israel? The motherless child will grow up to be a threat to Israel? Yes. Did Hezbollah intend for Israel to kill many civilian non-combatants? Yes. It helps to swell the ranks of Hezbollah. And Israel is stupid enough to go along with it.

Israel won't sign a peace accord until the bombing stops? Some faction, any faction that does not want peace can set off a bomb and Israel for years, for years did EXACTLY WHAT THAT FACTION WANTED. They did not sign the accords.

Ramble, Ramble, Rant, Rant.


Get angry, throw a few rocks or spears, piss somebody else off. And somebody else gets angry and throws a few rocks......... Male revenge is not only not effective, it propagates the next round over and over again.


Any asshole who says that he or she can make peace with a bomb is just that, an asshole. Assholes fart and poop.


I am convinced that the winner of the Middle East conflict will be the first group to lay their weapons down and not pick them up again.


WIN? Define win. A better life for their children.

There is no other definition. NONE.

A better life for their children.

The common human condition. What all parents, what all people wish. We only borrow this land we walk. We live on this earth for a short time. We don't own land. What a stupid idea. We borrow it. We are visitors. We are custodians. We are custodians hoping to hand the reins to our children and their children.

We now know what doesn't work. Fighting. One thousand years and it never works. Never. Can you defend a border with a gun. No.

Logically there are two solutions. Just two. Only two. Everything else has been tried.

Genocide works. Acceptable? NO!

But it works. Until the next bigger fish decides it works for them. You want to go there, you best be willing to have someone exterminate you too.

Lay down your arms and walk home and swallow your grief. Swallow your anger. Swallow the bitter words that poison the children. Swallow your male ego and go home and raise the next generation pure and untainted.

ALL mothers, Muslim and Jew and Christian, should walk to the border and sit down and weep together. None of them have held the guns. If a few have, maybe that group should not go. Or maybe they should.

ALL MOTHERS. Park their butts on the border and tell the men and the governments and the Pope and Saladin and the premier and the president to, GO HOME.

Yes, there should be a demilitarized zone. It should be populated by mothers and farmers and cobblers and olive groves. And no guns should be allowed within. And the hostage residents, the mothers, the fathers, of all religions must police themselves perfectly.

Some Israeli or some Hezbollah sneaks a gun in, they all must rise up and stone that man or woman to death. All. Everyone.

Ten kilometers either side of the border. filled with people willing to die to make the world safe for their children and their children.

Two choices. Genocide or Courage. There are no other choices.

The winner in the Mideast will be the group that lays down its arms. Yes, they may die. But their children will live.

Walk to the border and sit down and talk in the shade of a tree. Share water and coffee. Talk.

This is not a solution handed down from a king or president. Not from on high. But with the internet and the free media the solution can be cemented from the bottom.

It is the only thing that will work. Talk. Weep.

Mothers, think of your children. Begin talking on the phone, over the internet, across the border. And if you must, go to the border and sit down on the border.

Why dream small?

Please link and spread this idea as far as far can be.

Why dream small?


rm_Vitruvius78 39M
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8/6/2006 1:58 pm

My friend the Sailor,

Or should I say my Sailor friend? No difference. Either way the keyword is that we respect one another and consider ourselves to be equal in rights to our opinions and responsabilities towards our progeny.

Friend is a key element in solving our problems not only in the Middle East, but in the world as a whole. But first is first.

You asked me once before if I thought we can make a difference that would change the course of the ill events that are taking place in the Holy Land. The answer is: a wary yes.

The "power of one" exists and can be traced back through our history as humans. The power excersized by a single individual to shape the face of our world existed with Mother Teresa, Pope John Paul II, Ghandi, Nehru, Mandella, Gevara, The Dalailama, Jean D'Arc, JFK, Degaulle, Churchill, and many others. We did not count the ones before the 21st century but you get the picture no doubt.

Although these people were great individuals, each used the "power of One" as they deemed nescessary to move public opinion and encourage his/her people to do what is right for the sake of humanity. So the common factor among all the characters mentioned above is that they were exceptional humanitarians that saw their people as more than a mere population or a means to rule their country, but as an end in themselves being citizens in Humanity at large.

The revered the inaugural speech of JFK and considered it the work of a great man to whom I would happily have extend my hand of help, and with whom I would agree unconditionally to work sice he made a promise to the world that he would strive to establish good ties accross the world with people that were willing to recognize the simplest and most basic human rights. Mind you I am neithe a Democrat nor a Republican and I do not know if you favor JFK as an example, but the meaning here is that he portrayed a sense of trust to the world, even to his enemies.

Now for the second most vile word in the dictionary: Enemy.

If you recall in my previous comment on your post about the word THEY I mentioned how governments use this word to paint a frightening picture of "the other" and how they villanize a group of people in order to set the stage for a conflict.

This word that you touched upon happens to be the core of any conflict you can name in the Middle East. In a nutshell, this sentiment of "they" is all that is wrong with humanity in this hotspot of the globe. THEY!!!

I can empathize with people in the western hemisphere and understand to a far extent the conceptions they might have about people in the eastern hemisphere, but to draw a better picture I will stick to telling you what misconceptions we have here in Lebanon.

I have grown up in this country listenning to people talk about the enemy. We were told tons of stories, some of them true, some of them false, and some of them exaggerated, about the massacres that befell the Palistinians from 1948 to 1982 on the hands of the Israeilies. For as long as I can remember the ugliest pictures were being painted to our populace about how vile, inhumane, ungodly, bloodthirsty, and unethical the Israeilies were. Similarly we were being shown how the west hates us by showing us movies and writings depicting Arabs as ignorant, sex crazed, barbaric, and in general a lowly people.

We were being systimatically brain washed by our leaders with the help of Hollywood and the westernized Media. It was this coupling of interests that sent off alarms in my head. Why would the west be doing the east a favor by feeding the arab anger and giving the arab zealots ample proof that the west was different than them, and the west ment the arabs no good?

This doctrine has been in practice for at least the past 100 years. Since the days of Lawrence of Arabia the Gap between east and west had be widened by both sides. The propoganda of creating a common enemy to subjugate the population is even older than that.

(Note that: Whenever you want to boost the morals of your highschool football team before a match, you go on and on about how evil the other team is and how this other team will treat them indignantly if they lose.)

For years now I have been seeing how wrong the picture about "the other" was being painted, and how the USA contributed generously to those painting this ugly picture about the west.

Similarly, being a Durzi and having fellow Duruze comunities living in Israel, I have witnessed how the Israeili population lives in fear of the Arab Barbarians that are supposedly surrounding Israel and are just waiting for a chance to attack them and wipe israel off the face of the earth. The Fanatics in Israel have also been keeping themselves busy declaring that doom would befall anyone that trusts the enemy and that the state of Israel would crumble helplessly if it did not support itself with due military strength and might.

The situation now is that people on either side of the wall are looking at the scary paining painted each by their own leaders about what there is on the other side of the wall instead of just taking a peek and seeing for themselves.

Even this new wall going around the Palistinian neighborhoods is synonymous to creating a rift between arabs and israelies.

We in the Middle East are drowning, Arabs and Israelis, in a vortex of propogandas and false ideas that are ment to keep us afraid of one another.

Remember, the easiest person to control is the fearful. They do not ask you where you are taking them as long as they are afraid of what the enemy would do to them if they were caught.

If we want to solve the problems in the Middle East, specifically war, we need to cut the weed from its roots: Misconceptions about one another.

We will never have peace while East and West keep telling lies to their respective people about one another.

We can't have peace with the west presenting the Arab Zealots with fresh material to use as fuel for their hatred campaign, nor with the Arabs performing inadiquately towards the ones that are trying over and over to destroy any hope for peace because it does not fit their own agenda.

"The Power of One" here is to strive to eliminate and to wash away all these lies about either side and showing the people that they are all human in the end.

I know what I will be teaching MY chld. Not what the media and arab zealots tried to teach me, but rather the truthful view that humans make mistakes and that either side in the conflict is human in the end, not a villain nor a devil for that matter.

If the US wants to have peace in the Middle East its should listen to the voice of neither left nor right. It should listen to the Arabs that have escaped the propoganda machine and were allowed to see first hand how what they considered to be their "enemy" was only human in the end and as misled as they were themselves.

I apologize for the length of this post...
I will not be upset if you deleted it. We can always pick up this discussion some other time and in another place.

Until then, i sincerely hope to hear from you soon.

Your Friend,



Sailor376 replies on 8/7/2006 12:03 am:
My friend V,

I have just arrived home, very tired, very interested in your post. Delete? Never. More like these posts need to appear farther and wider.

I will sleep and think and try to answer better tomorrow.

Your friend,

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