The parable of the Mice and the Farmer.  

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The parable of the Mice and the Farmer.

An original parable by D*** *N***

The Mice and the Farmer

In years gone by there was a village of Mice. And near that village of Mice there were farmers and the fields that each tended. The farmers lived there and the Mice lived here and each had for, Lo these many years. These mice were content among themselves, for the most part. Yes, in long centuries past there had been disasters that had befallen the mice and some not so far back, but still when the call to prayer was heard this community of mice left off with the work of the day and responded. Many generations had grown, and gone, on this land. And far back there was some thought that a farmer had lived here once. But the fields were now known to the Mice, and theirs. Theirs for many generations. The land where they gathered the grain and fruit. Where the mice raised their children. Theirs. Or so they thought.

It all changed one day.

A farmer arrived with a claim that this was his farm. He had no bill of sale. But he did have a paper that said that his Grandfather, no actually his Great Grandfather, no actually his Great Great Grandfather times 500 Greats had owned and farmed this land. So it must be his! There were only Mice here. So it must be his! This old book says, it must be his!

And so he took it. The Farmer built a house. The Farmer cut the trees. The Farmer plowed and tilled, and planted, and tended that field. And the Mice stepped aside. Where the Mice use to gather, there now were fields. And the Farmer protected those fields. The Farmer protected the crops. If the Mice gathered, they were chased away. Where their homes had been, they were chased away. Where the Mice were used to traveling and walking, fences were built. And the Mice were chased away. The Mice were chased so hard that the Mice were chased away!

Some here, some there, some concealed in a small village on their farm and others to the farms of others that surrounded the former farm of the Mice. The Mice were always chased.

The surrounding farms did not want more mice, could not feed more mice, and so it came to pass that the Mice who had been chased away were not so away after all. Those away Mice came back to gather what they needed. Those away Mice came back in anger and did things that made the Farmer very mad. Very mad indeed. Very mad.

The Farmer knew that the chased away Mice had gone to That farm. And the Farmer walked the fence between his finest barn and fields, and crops and the field of That farm.

That is where the chased away Mice have gone. The Farmer struck a match. And the Farmer burned his neighbors fields. The Farmer just lit a match and burned his neighbors fields and crops. He was trying to chase away the chased away Mice even farther. The chased away Mice were chased away further. But the fields of the neighbor burned. The crops burned, the fields burned, the neighbor's barn on That farm burned as well.

The Farmer felt no remorse, the Farmer felt no shame, the Farmer thought it fitting that he had burned his neighbor into hunger. After all, had not the chased away Mice been chased away and returned from That farm? That farm must be at fault for not chasing away the chased away Mice.

The Farmer chased away the Mice and when the Mice came back, the Farmer solution was to burn his neighbor's. That farm.

I see no point. I see no lesson. I see no parable.
I see an angry Farmer. Yes. I see chased away Mice coming back to be chased away again. Yes.

I see a neighbor who has lost his farm. That farm. I see no shame in the Mice. I see no shame in the Farmer. I see hunger for That farmer.

I see no justice.


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