Love, like, lust.  

Sailor376 64M
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7/18/2006 10:26 pm
Love, like, lust.

Just three little words. I called them four letter words earlier this evening. They are.

Love is something so devine,
Description could but make it less.
Tis what I feel but can't define,
Tis what I know but can't express.

Not entirely true but something there.

Lust is rain on the windshield. Obscuring, bothersome, delightful. Helps things grow. The physical and the emotional. Swollen penises and poems of undying devotion.

But Like is the least and the most important of all, I am convinced. I have loved well and strongly and did not really like the bitch at all. Another time years later I loved and slept with and when it came to ejaculation I knew that I was in the wrong saddle. This makes babies sometimes! Oh yeah it does! And I suddenly had this horrifying epiphany of twenty years of raising a child with her. My dick shrank faster than a chipmunk diving into its hole. I think it made a noise it shank so fast. She got a friction burn.

But there was the woman that I met at lunch. I shared a newspaper and some conversation. And whenever we lunched at the same time we became used to sharing a table. And the conversation and the newspaper and then some eye contact, which is proper and pleasant. And I saw a light, tiny, sparkle in there somewhere. Months and lunches later I began to feel these chemical rushes suffusing all within when looking into eyes and talking. .......

It started with like. I think maybe they should teach this stuff in school. Over and over again, especially for thick skulls like mine.

So I look for like and friends, hoping to repeat the success of so many years ago. My dick keeps clamoring for more and faster and sooner and NOW. But I keep trying to find like. Immensely more satisfying.

So why doesn't the spell check work on this thing?
And why can I not get New Members just Cupid lists?
And why do I feel like the speed of this connection is that of a dial up?
How much money am I paying these guys?

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