The Club (Part 2)  

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The Club (Part 2)

The Club

The place was packed and the music was jumping. Everyone appeared to be having a great time. Steve and Donna sat next to each other silently, staring in different directions in the Club. Steve takes a deep breath and turns to Donna, and ask, Well how are you feeling tonight?”
“You have already asked me that” Replied Donna, not bothering to turn her glance from the bar.
Even though her face was turned from him, on the corner of her face, he did spy a smile.
“ Well, the reason I am asking is that although it was a minor procedure, as your Doctor, I do recommend more rest and at least no alcohol for another 24 hours.”
Donna slowly turns and looks into Steve’s eyes, “Tell me, are you planning to play “Doctor” 24-7 or just when I’m around?”
Steve looked back into her eyes and said, “ Well, that depends upon the circumstances and my capacity to fore fill the need of those who have need of my services.”
Donna smiles, “So what need do you feel that I might have?”
“Being a Doctor, I need more info in order to render the proper diagnosis, I would hate for you to sue me for malpractice on such a lovely night”
Donna’s smile is joined with one raised eyebrow, “ Oh I see. Well there is no need for concern. I had a wonderful day since last I visited you. I slept until noon, my girls came by and swooped me up to go shopping and to the spa. Now we are topping off the evening, helping our girl Silvia celebrates her birthday. As for my drinking “Doc-ta”, you don’t have to worry ya self. As you can see, I take go care of my body and regardless of the circumstances, I am always aware and in full control of me.”
Steve looked upon this woman as her smile remained smugly on her face and her eyes well focused upon him. Her words had the effects of fire and ice being applied interchangeably. He felt chilled, even as one drop of sweat appeared and hung on the corner of his brow. Steve used every bit of his strength to maintain his own smile. It was obvious that she was toying with him, he was just wondering for how long, how far and in what direction was she going to let this go. This woman was in full control of this situation. She knows it and is obviously enjoying it.
The waitress came up to the table and asked, “ Can I get you folks sumptin?”
“Sure” speaks up Donna. “It is so warm in here, Steve I know you can stop being Doctor for a moment and have a drink with me?”
“Uh, sure. I will have a Long Island with a double shot, and for the lady…?”
“Oh me, I’ll just have a “Sex on the Beach”, make it good and keep it coming” said Donna, not once removing her glance from Steve.
“That is unless my Doctor disapproves?”
“like you said, you are in complete control” replied Steve. “ Man, what have I gotten myself into”, Steve thought as the waitress walked away.

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