Married Couples... Why aren't they interested in single men?  

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5/28/2006 1:48 pm
Married Couples... Why aren't they interested in single men?

Even though I've gone through lots of screen names here, (mainly because I deleted the profile) I've wondered why Married Couples are only interested in Women and other Married Couples.

Is it because they both want to participate with the person(s) involed in the sexual activity? Could be.

Is it because the husband is afraid the guy will be better then him in bed with his wife? Could be.

Whatever the reason is, I think since THERE ARE NO STRINGS ATTACHED they should be open to ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, INCLUDING letting Single men, sleep with their wife.

If Married Couples would allow single men to have sex with their wife, I think it would make their relationship stronger. I say this because it just seems to me like thhe husband only wants his fantasies fulfulled by watching his wife have sex with another woman or Married Couple.

But what if she wants to have sex with a single male? Would the husband let her fantasy be fulfilled? Who knows, but I'm just hoping that I get to find a Married Couple that is interested in meeting a single male for sexual encounter.

This could not only make the wife happy, but also the husband could be helping his wife help fulfill her fantasy.

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