Just a chance is all I ask....  

SWM_SeeknAdvntrs 41M
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5/28/2006 9:02 pm
Just a chance is all I ask....

I may not be a Gold member, and I may not have more revealing pictures of myself, and maybe I don't have my whole profile completely filled out, but I'm really really hoping, to make friends with both Women & Couples who are interested in becoming friends, and possibly more with a single young 29 year old male. I really am a nice guy, and if someone just gave me a chance, it put some excitement in my life. (I hope I'm not being desperate, but I'm just saying what's on my mind right now).

Now I know most Couples are mainly looking for women and other couples, but what about a change? Maybe just once try something you haven't try before? Like maybe let your wife have a 3some with you and another male, just once, and if ya'll don't like it, then no problem, but what if, just what if ya'll like it... Will ya'll continue with it or not? Leave me your thoughts, and tell me what do you think? Am I right or am I wrong. Whatever your answer is I will not take offence. I'm just looking for other opinions from Women, Men, and Couples. Thank you and have a great night.

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