Things that make me happy  

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11/10/2005 1:36 am

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Things that make me happy

100 Things that make me a happy puppy............

1- walking in the rain
2- getting a little umbrella in my drink
3- giving presents for no reason
4- getting text messages
5- peanut butter everything
6- fuzzy slippers
7- baby harbor seals
8- macaroni and cheese ‒nuff said
9- brand new crisp bed linens
10- making my own Halloween costume
11- getting packages in the mail
12- people that give really good hugs
13- going for a long run after a hard day
14- nature walks
15- hearing children playing and laughing
16- getting a pedicure
17- giving massages
18- making soup for a sick friend
19- Sending flowers to a friend anonymously
20- Playing hungry hungry hippos
21- Lemon lime Gatorade
22- Watching my hammies and chinchillas run around in their run about balls
23- Playing “chase me” and “fetch” with my dogs
24- Snuggling on the couch with my kitties
25- Feeding my turtle grapes
26- Teaching Tabitha a new word (my African grey)
27- Good hair days
28- Dancing around the house in toe socks
29- Singing along with the radio
30- Waking up to the warm rays of sunshine spilling across my bed
31- Stomping in puddles
32- Sharing the things i love to do with others
33- Learning new things
34- Horseback riding
35- Blink 182…i just learned i like them
36- Seeing an animal i fostered find a happy healthy home
37- Apple scented candles, lotion, soap, and anything that smells like apples
38- Going swimming in the rain
39- Grocery shopping
40- Getting a letter in snail mail
41- Big fluffy sweaters
42- Candy candy candy candy candy candy
43- Baby animals
44- animals in general
45- Wondering around in second hand stores
46- Book stores
47- Target!!!!!!!
48- Baking with my son
49- Going roller blading with my brother
50- Discovery Health
51- Court TV
52- animal Planet
53- Feeling centered
54- Doing cross word puzzles
55- Belgian Waffles with blueberries baked in
56- The way hair mouse and shaving cream grows in your hand as it comes out of the can
57- animal whiskers that tickle my face as i’m waking in the morning
58- Tossing pennies in a fountain
59- Checking on my son in the middle of the night and seeing that sweet face so full of potential, resting peacefully as the moonlight spills across his little face
60- The warmth and smell of freshly laundered clothing straight from being line dried
61- Strangers who smile a real smile at You
62- Veggie patches
63- Flower gardens
64- Getting my hands dirty
65- Little fluffy tailed rabbits
66- Learning about other cultures
67- Parades!
68- Balloons
69- Looking at floorplans
70- Being easily amused
71- Big red lollipops
72- Daydreaming
73- Tickles and tickling
74- Curly hair
75- The lively silence of living in a country home
76- Eating ice cream for breakfast
77- The smell of clean baby
78- Pulling out a kitchen chair and finding a sleeping kitty in it
79- The pretty feeling of wearing brand new clothes
80- Floppy eared basset hounds
81- Knowing that i’m ok with being weird
82- Pizza with spicy mustard
83- Drinking milk right from the carton
84- Touring model homes
85- Spotting a rainbow and pointing it out to everyone around me so they can be happy too
86- my uber cool American chopper sunglasses
87- Giving my dogs a bath
88- Going to the rock climbing gym
89- Rubbing pregnant womens’ bellies
90- Those new giant Reeses peanut butter cups
91- Winning at solitaire
92- Making silly faces at a baby that makes them laugh
93- 80 year old couples that still hold hands
94- Big belly laughs
95- Food that You can make with Your hands… kneading bread dough
96- Gluing together a jigsaw puzzle that ive done and framing
97- Conservative suits with bright happy ties
98- The squeak of the running wheel in my hammys and chinchilla cages because it means they are happy and healthy
99- Hanging out all day in my jammies with my son
100- Thinking about stuff that makes me happy

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11/11/2005 6:42 pm


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