The list  

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7/12/2006 12:12 pm
The list

Some time back a friend of mine said that you couldn't write a poem with just a list of words, they would have no meaning. It would be just a list. I said bunk, here's the result of my word list.

To touch, hand caressing
To kiss, tongues tasting
To breath, smelling desire
To watch , smiles of pleasure

Hands; sliding over naked flesh
Mouths; licking raw skin
Noses; scenting glistening hide
Eyes; caressing shadowed nudity

Bodies; clinging, playing, teasing
Touching, quivering, wanting, feeling,
Lusting, free, entwined, enraptured
Reaching, searching, tingling

Legs; straining, crushing, parting,
Joining, twisting, tensing, trembling
Rocking, thrusting, slowly, gripping
Pushing, tightening, thrusting, faster

Mouths; gasping, tasting, biting,
Licking, moaning, sighing, smiling
Kissing, nibbling, sucking,
whispering, eating, crying

Senses; fleeting, dying, growing,
Stretching, raising, higher,
Soaring, building, wanting, straining,
Climbing, exploding, settling, relaxing.
Which makes me wonder; is the climax the best part of sex or is it all the words in between? I think the journey is the best part of reaching the destination, not the destination it's self.

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