Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention!  

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Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention!

"The Crow and the Pitcher"

"Golly, I'm parched." A crow was flying over a dry, barren land. "I'm doomed if I don't find water soon!" Then, as fate would have it, she spied a pitcher, of all things, sitting among a pile of rocks and pebbles. "Please, please, please, let there be water," she pleaded. The crow perched on the pitcher and peeked in. Sure enoughm it contained water. "Hallelujah," she exclaimed, and thrust her head in, anxious for a taste. But confound it, the pitcher's neck was so long and narrow, she couldn't reach the liquid.
Desperate for a drink, she tried to tip the pitcher. She leaned against it and pushed. It didn't budge. She kicked it. It didn't move. She picked up a pebble and pecked at the pitcher. Its clay walls were thick. It didn't crack.
The clever crow didn't give up. She hopped to the pitcher top and dropped in the pebble. Bloop. She added another. Bloop. She picked up more pebbles and dropped them one by one into the pitcher. Plink, plunk,plop. Each pebble the crow assed raised the water level in the pitcher. After many pebbles, at last she dipped her dusty beak and took a long drink.

Aesop's Fables

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