A Late Night Thought  

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7/19/2006 2:26 am

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A Late Night Thought

Lying naked in bed, i stop and begin to think. Stripped away is the clothing barrier, vulnerability and mortality sweeps down to claim the deepest thoughts and the world around me fills with clouds of wonder and despair.
Im alone. The crys of my mind shut out the reality and i withdraw into myself to search for answers that escape from my grasp. Out of the shadows come the dark thoughts of life, and the question of why. I would scream out to the shadow wanting it to shed sum light of appreciation yet they just glare back that eternal look of blankness. The shadows don't hear, they absorb the words and grow. The past murking amongst its edges, haunting are those images yet once lost lies only emptyness, and control the darkness begins to hold over your existance.
Only the darkness reveals the terror of the future to behold, dire is its reality, only the light of hope holds up against it, yet trusting the light will only gain disappointment as the light works in ways that only it can comprehend. Understanding mortality and limits is all that I can possibly achieve, the rest are beyond my touch no matter how hard i try to grab at them.
Im a twig broken from the circle of life, broken from the source of life and purpose. The twig helpless, has no control of its destiny. I lie naked and blink sadly, realising only through others will life be adequate for purpose.

rm_TAscouter 46M

7/19/2006 2:54 am

That's some deep thinkin.

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