Cum Away With Me  

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12/30/2005 5:37 am

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Cum Away With Me

I opened the door and saw that sweet sexy smile of yours...I knew I would feel the good I had felt before again tonight...our lips met and we said hello to one another without uttering a single word.

I closed the door behind us making sure the outside world stayed out and only our desire and warmth was present, soft romantic music filled the air, our bodies began to move to that music, our hearts against one another’s, so close we both could feel the other's beating against our own, our lips touching one another’s again sharing those long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses.

I break from your kiss and I run my hands over your shoulders and down your oh so strong arms to the buttons on your shirt, I slowly unbutton each and everyone as I stare deeply into your eyes into the window of your soul.

I slowly slide your shirt past your shoulders. I can see your nipples are so hard under your white t-shirt, my thumbs find them both as I trace circles around them...your hands go up my back to my hair, your fingers intertwine in my
soft dark hair and you guide my face to yours, wanting to taste my lips again on yours.

Moving to the music…touching, kissing, raises my internal body temperature from hot to a burning erotic desire.

I slide my hands down your body to your jeans, I undo your belt again slowly...savoring every moment of getting you naked...I undo the first button, then glide my hands over your cock through those now tight fitting jeans MMmmm
the second button gets undone and then the third and fourth, that’s where I lost count because I didn’t care how many more buttons I had to undo to get to your cock, I just knew I had to get to it, I run my hands around your waist sliding your jeans past your hips, my hands feel your ass, MMmmm you feel so good baby...

Your lips break from mine and you work your way down to my neck and shoulder, you know you have hit one of my spots by the way you have made me softly moan from my just kissed lips, you continue kissing my neck and letting me feel your hot breath on my skin.

I turn around and press my ass into your cock, your lips find just where they left off, I take your hands and place them on my breasts and together we feel them through my loose fitting
t-shirt, you can feel how hard my nipples are through my lacy bra, I take your hands and walk you to my bedroom...the room is candle lit and the same music as in the living room plays softly, filling the room, I turn back around and again we kiss, a very passionate kiss, one filled with such a strong desire.

I slide your shirt completely off of you and I raise your t-shirt up exposing your hard nipples to me, my lips cant resist them and my tongue needs to feel them on it.

I slide your jeans down past your hips as I kneel down in front of you as I slide them down further, you step out of them, I am mouth level to your cock. I lick your hardness through your boxers, taking my hand and sliding it
underneath to your balls, feeling them gently, grabbing a hold of them.

I stand up and walk you back just a few steps to my bed, I push you down onto that bed, you lay back and I kneel down in front of you, my lips touch your thighs and I place soft wet warm kisses up and down each one.

I take the waist band of your boxers and you raise your ass slightly, I release your cock from the confines of it and slide them down off
of you, your cock is so hard, I don’t touch it yet, my tongue runs up your right thigh across your balls down your left thigh, without you seeing I reach down under the foot of the bed and pull out the small vibrator and bottle of lube, I open the bottle and let a few drops onto my finger, I touch you with my wet finger and you raise your ass slightly for me, I slide my finger down further to your ass, I can hear a soft moan escape from your lips now and I know what I am doing feels good to you.

I take the small vibrator and bottle of lube and raise it up to where you can easily see what I am doing, I drop a few drops of lube onto the head of the vibrator, I can see the anticipation in your eyes and you can see the same in mine.

I turn the vibrator on low and guide it to where we both want it to be, you spread your legs for me which gives me easy access, I guide it down to your ass, I whisper to you to relax baby, as I slowly let the head of the vibrator enter you, I take your cock in my hand, my hand is so slippery with lube and it glides down your cock oh so easily.

I whisper to you enjoy how I am about to make you feel and with that I push the vibrator
into your ass a little more and then slowly begin to work it in and out.

I feel your body tense up a little bit, I turn the vibrator up a little more to medium, I hear what it is that, that does to you in
a now louder more intense MMmmm again escape from your lips.

Your raise your hips a bit more for me, I let more of the vibrator slide into your tight ass, I watch as your own hand finds your cock, how you begin to stroke yourself, I let more of the vibrator slide into your ass and I can hear
once more how good that makes you feel, I turn the vibe up to high and your hips raise up even more, I let the rest of the vibe slide into your ass and I hold it there just for a brief moment.

I begin working it in and out of you slowly fucking your ass with it, my pussy is so wet right now from what I am doing to you, how good I am making you feel that my free hand touches my clit, I run my finger down to my pussy and
let it slide deeply into me.

You hear me moaning now, you know what I am doing.

I guide my mouth to your cock, your hand guides the head of your swollen cock to my lips, I push the vibe deeply into your ass as my mouth engulfs your hard throbbing cock.

I suck your cock in my mouth deeply, as I again slide the vibe into your ass just as deep, you move your hips back and forth, up and down...MMmmm it is erotic to be fucking your ass and sucking your cock at the same time.

I can feel on my lips and tongue how hard your cock is getting how ready it is to give me what we both want me to have, I continue working the vibe in and out…..
IN OUT IN OUT IN OUT IN...just as I let my mouth fuck your cock.

I look up and watch you, your so into the feeling of this and that is such a turn on for me, my pussy is soooo wet and I am there with you sooo close to cumming, I work the vibe in and out faster yet oh so smoothly, my mouth grabs a hold of your hard cock tightly and you know I need to taste your cum.

Your moans tell me your to that edge, my mouth tells you I need you to go over that edge...MMmmm I feel your body stiffen and I feel your cock release your passion, your hot thick cum covers my tongue and fills my mouth,I take
every drop you have to give to me...I don’t let your cock go I hold you there in my hot wet mouth, feeling you cum down from your high.

__Huntress__ 56M/58F

1/6/2006 6:54 pm

What I Learned While Reading This Post:

Make sure my phone is in working order !
Always have fresh batteries !
Never use sharp objects !
If at first, I don't succeed, try, try, again !


__Huntress__ 56M/58F

1/6/2006 6:55 pm

All kidding aside, honey, I loved this ...


rm_clitoral_man 52M
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1/28/2006 8:47 am

Whew! SINderella, your sense of eroticism is simply awesome! I gotta' admit I haven't tried that before, but your erotic description has enthralled and aroused me. Hmm, not something I'd go for by's so much more fun (and erotic! ) when you share...especially to return the favor! I have had a lover gently use her little finger to tease my rim during oral and have to admit that she brought me over the edge to a powerful, toe-curling orgasm!

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