K, how many good ones how many bad?  

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4/16/2006 3:50 pm

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4/19/2006 10:46 pm

K, how many good ones how many bad?

okay, i got a great one right off the bat!He made me cum 6 times the first night we were together, and he is working on breaking that record now. we have set up a discreet relatinship that works perfect for both of us. so what i want to know is how many people struck out, how many hit the jack pot and how many met all crazy nut's lol.So everyone spill ,spill, spill!

angelofmercy5 60F
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4/16/2006 7:20 pm

Welcome to the blogs!


4/19/2006 12:11 am

Thanks, are you good at this blog stuff and weeding out the nuts on here? seems as if i will be back to searching for a new friend now. my current one is getting too soft on me. if id wanted someone to care about my soon to be x-husbands feelings i would have gone to match.com. lol. I keep getting liars on here, or idiots who dont bother to check my preferences, and am trying to figure out how to maximize my time on here and find what iam looking for? any suggestions?

beatpoeme 55M

4/19/2006 2:38 am

What the eyes caress
The heart will forfiet
When the hand objects
The soul will cry
If you reject
My lies and torture
It's a love like ours
that will never die

Will "we" ever find what we are looking for? I think I have, holding onto it is the hard part. At times acceptance is the answer, at times you go through life kicking and screaming. Then there are times when a virtual angel is guiding the way.
Life to me is not about where you are going, life is about how you get there.



SirMounts 103M

4/21/2006 12:04 am

Well, if your batting .400 in baseball - or here... you're a star! *winking* lol. Glad you started out batting 1000.
Welcome to the land of blogs, Shoppingforme. *smiling*

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