The Price of Freedom  

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7/4/2006 10:02 am

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The Price of Freedom

Soldiers enter service for a varying number of reasons of their own
The train hard and strive to serve their country even when they break a bone
They deploy to foreign lands leaving their family and friends behind
They come home sometimes to destroyed lives, and sometimes even lose their mind

They give their lives for all those for whom the serve and protect
They walk through battlefields and fight all the battles their leaders select
They walk like giants among the enemies they fight
They stand fro freedom and life, while always trying to do what’s right

Medals are awarded, and names placed on a wall, but it doesn’t replace the gift
The freedoms they provide can never fill the gap or seal the rift
Giving freedom to those in this country who support with their whole heart
Supporting all the soldiers who are gone trying to do their part

When the soldiers come home and find their world in shambles
They hate themselves for taking so many great gambles
They fight for freedom far away, while at home their life turns gray
Some people are not happy unless they are causing someone else dismay

The ones who come home to the life they left behind exactly the same
Feel so happy to be reunited with the man or woman who holds the flame
The flame in their heart that keeps their spirit burning
The pride they have that makes their dedication that much more yearning

Some of us come home to the bad things, but we keep on fighting through
Knowing someday we’ll find that one who will support us through everything old and new
We are soldiers until we die, no matter how many people we save, and no matter how many lie
A soldier for freedom, the people, and god alike
That’s the Price of freedom, make it a good fight.

nightstalker172 37M
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7/4/2006 11:27 pm

America: Freedom to Fascism....look it up and check it out..its a movie coming out this month...its very intersting....awesome writing btw...and I support the troops %200 but I cant say the same for our government...Happy 4th!

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