The Passionate Date  

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6/5/2006 11:25 am
The Passionate Date

I was walking up to her door many ideas rushing through my head about what to say, and how to act on this our next date. For a guy like me who likes to put everything into what he does I was hoping this one would be as good as or better than our last date. I had purchased a flower, one single flower because I know sometimes guys go overboard when they buy flowers for a woman, and one single flower would be a lot more tasteful for this occasion than some wild bouquet of roses or something. I stood there watching the door as I reached out to ring the doorbell. When she opened the door she was dressed in the cutest shorts and top set I had ever seen on a woman’s body. It hugged her in all the right places and it made her curves stand out so that any guy in his right mind would definitely notice her beauty. She smiled at me and said hello, and I smiled and returned the greeting and she invited me inside.
She apologized for not being ready but told me to have a seat and she would hurry up. I pulled the flower out from behind my back and handed it to her, she blushed and kissed my cheek and said thank you that was sweet. She placed it in a vase with some water and put it on her desk. She walked to the back room and continued to get ready as I sat on the couch waiting patiently, running every thought of my plan through my head so that it would hopefully be as great to her as it was to me in the thinking it up. She came out when she was done and when I stood and turned to look at her she was the most awe inspiring woman I had ever seen. Her beauty radiated and it didn’t take much but a little bit of makeup and a soft looking ponytail in her hair as it cascaded down her shoulder, and the smile that she gave just made her that much more radiant in my eyes. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her, and she blushed and giggled and I said god you are gorgeous, and she said with a small giggle thank you.
We walked hand in hand out to the car and she asked so what’s on the schedule for today? I said I can’t tell you it will be a surprise but I hope it is as much fun to you as it was for me to think it all up and plan it. We drove out to the country and she kept asking what are we doing out here I said I promise you will see. When we got to the spot I had picked which was a nice open field under a great big oak tree that blossomed out over the spot I had picked out it was awesome that it was just what I had envisioned. We got out of the car and she sighed and stated how beautiful the scenery was. I went to the rear of the car and got out the basket and the radios and the blanket. We walked over under the shade and I laid the picnic out just as I had seen it. I brought homemade salad, chicken, and some fruit for desert. I put out a small board and lit a candle I brought too. I turned on the radio with some soft country romantic music, and we sat and ate our lunch.
As we finished eating and we snuggled under the tree listening to the soft sounds of the music and discussing the future of life for the both of us, it was so amazing to see how many things we both had in common as to the things we liked and the things we both wanted from our futures. She softly snuggled into my chest and ran her hands across it and ran a finger across my chin, as I stroked her hair and her cheek with my hand and ran my other hand across her back. She looked up and we kissed gently. I looked deep into her eyes, and kissed here deeper the second time. We began to caress each other and gently draw closer into each other. She ran her hand under my shirt and began to lift it off over my head I sat up and let it go, and then she began to run her hands across my bare hairy chest. All I could do is watch as I began to become more and more excited about the thoughts of what was happening at this moment. I thought to myself I have this gorgeous woman worshiping my body and I am so lucky to even be in this place. She crawled up my body and looked deep into my eyes and went down to my ear and whispered into it “I am in love with you”, and I whispered in return “I have been in love with you since the moment I saw you”.
She kissed me lovingly and deep and I ran my hand down her cheek and returned it with the same passion. Unlike most normal men who would want to ravage her at that moment I was so drawn to the passionate way we were doing things that I couldn’t resist just melting in her arms. We lay there caressing and kissing for what seemed like an eternity, and with every minute that passed I could tell that both her and I were getting turned on and about to cross that line of no return. We slowly began to caress each others bodies and remove clothing, and I knew being out in the country noone would be around, and being outdoors added that extra intense passion. As I lay next to this gorgeous woman acknowledging every supple line and curve on her body I was in awe at the sight before me. The natural curve of her neck and then across her large firm breasts, and down her stomach and following the trail of the line down her slim long muscular legs, just put me in a state of daydreaming. I felt her eyes on me going down my hair chest across my stomach, and down my legs as well and watching as the sun was reflecting off both our bodies.
She lay on her back and I began to slowly and passionately kiss my way over her body, starting at the nape of her neck nibbling and kissing, and then moving down her neck to her supple breasts kissing first around them, and then sucking gently on the nipples and kissing them and then moving down her belly and kissing and nibbling past her sweet lotus patch and down her legs to her feet. Kissing and gently sucking and nibbling on her toes and then having her to roll over to start again at the base of her neck and down her spine. Then reaching those nice buttocks I squeeze and kiss them and then run my tongue down the backs of her legs. She lets out a slight giggle because it is a ticklish spot, and then she moans and becomes so relaxed. After finishing my exploration of her body I roll her over and slide up her body to plant a kiss like she has never had on her lips. She then whispered in my ear its my turn, and she proceeded to follow the same tone except when she got down to my semi hard cock she grabbed it and stroked it a little until it got hard and she looked up and gave me an evil grin. She then continued working on kissing down my body to my feet and then rolled me over and did the same to my back side and when she got to my buttocks she smacked it hard and then squeezed and rubbed it causing me to jump with each smack she gave it. Then she rolled me over and slid up my body to my chest and kissed me gently then slid back down to my pelvic region and began to kiss around my now hard cock and she began to lick my balls and shaft. All I could do was moan and close my eyes at the immense feelings and sensations running through my body.
As she played with my cock and stroked it all I could do is enjoy the immense pleasure she was giving me. I knew that when I got to that point it would be my turn to return all that pleasure to her. She crawled up my body and looked deep into my eyes and kissed me passionately, and I slowly rolled her over and began my trail down her body I sucked gently on her nipples and all around her breast and down her tummy. I reach that hot zone between her thighs and it is so smoothly shaven that you could eat off of it which I was preparing to do for a little while, woo hoo. I began with slow soft licking circles and kisses all around her hot wet pussy, and across her inner thighs nibbling gently. I then began to probe with my fingers looking to reveal her clit and there it was bulging out slightly. I began to suck on it and suck each labia lip into my mouth and while I did this I watched for her response which she gave very easily. As I continued she began to push her hips up towards me as I pushed into her, and licked and sucked more vigorously.
She began to moan louder and louder calling out my name and begging me to make sweet love to her more and more. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled it into her sweet patch and all I could do was suck and lick more. I slid two fingers into her hot pussy and began to rub on her G-spot and I could feel her growing close to orgasm. The taste and smell of her love nest was so enticing I couldn’t get away from it. But finally she moaned loudly how she wanted my hard cock inside her sweet pussy. So I gently kissed and nibbled my way back up her body to where I was face to face with her and I kissed her so she could taste her sweet juices on my lips. As we were kissing I slowly slid my cock into her sweet pussy and she moaned under the kiss and our eyes stayed locked as we slid back and forth together in a passionate connection. We began to get into a slow rhythm of moving back and forth as our bodies melded together in love and passion. We moved positions and made everyone feel as good as the one before until we ended up in our beginning position facing each other and I could tell that she was about to explode with an awesome orgasm and I was too, so we slowed it down and kept it going until neither of us could hold back any more and we finally both exploded. I felt her muscles clamp down on my cock as it exploded inside her. We kissed passionately and lay there embraced on the blanket as the sun kept shining down, and we fell asleep cuddled in each others arms. When I awoke she was still asleep so I propped up on one arm and stroked her hair out of her face and she slowly opened her eyes. I kissed her gently and told her the of the love I had for her. She responded in kind and we kissed passionately and long, and then we decided to get dressed and return to her home.
When we arrived I made passionate love to her one more time that night repeating all the same emotions. After we were complete with all our passion we showered washing each others bodies. I got dressed kissed her goodnight and tucked her in, and I left telling her I couldn’t wait to see her till tomorrow. She whispered until then sweetheart.

To be continued.

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