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New Story

The Spanking Teacher

Shari was a divorced mom, who did her best to raise her teenage son Greg, and she did the best she knew how to provide everything that was needed for him when he needed it or if she could when he wanted it. All she ever asked for in return was for him to give her the respect she was due and try to help when she asked him too. Greg was one of those boys who would constantly try and push his luck with his mom, and try to get away with things that normal kids wouldn’t, and his mom never spanked him or tried to really punish him because it made things harder on her to have to deal with him when she was working and handling everything else by herself. One week Shari took Greg to the store with her, and kept taking things off the shelves, and she would tell him to behave and stop doing what he was doing, but he would say whatever to her and run off down the aisle. Finally after a few minutes she screamed at him in her lowest voice and told him he was going to get spanked if he didn’t mind and she happened to be standing by a stately lady who was also shopping in the same aisle. The lady turned around and said yeah some boys get out of hand and a good spanking will usually help them to straighten up. Greg’s mom began to talk to the lady, whose name was Jessica, and they began discussing Greg’s bad habits and misbehaving attitude, and Jessica turned to Greg’s mother and said I can help you to learn discipline if you would like me too. Shari said well I have never spanked him before and his discipline is pretty poor.
Jessica reached over to her cart and pulled out her business card and handed it to Shari. Shari looked at it and said what do you do? Jessica looked back at her and she said I help parents learn to handle their unruly kids. She said, if you like we can schedule a meeting and discuss your needs, and for you being a single mother and me seeing your problem I will handle this at no charge to you. Shari thought for a minute and said ok, and Jessica pulled out her date book and asked Shari when was good for her and she said tomorrow I have the day off. Jessica said ok come to the address tomorrow around 5:30 and you and I can sit down and decide what needs to be done. So Shari and Jessica shook hands and Shari got Greg and continued shopping. Greg asked who was that mom. Shari said; don’t worry about it that was just a friend.
Greg ran to his room and Shari said behave while I am gone. I’ll be back in a little while. Greg shouted down sure mom I’ll be here. Shari arrived at Jessica’s house and rang the doorbell. Jessica came to the door and invited her in and offered her some tea. The two ladies sat at the table and began to discuss Greg’s behavior. Jessica began by asking questions like how much does he back talk , has he ever stood up to you, or has he ever snuck out. Shari kinda lowered her head and Jessica said no need to answer those. I take it that you are afraid to spank him because he might jump back at you right? Shari reluctantly said yes and she said my husband when we were together handled the discipline. Jessica said that’s ok we’re gonna correct that real soon. Jessica took Shari to the back room and opened the door. There in the room was lined with spanking implements, a spanking bench, a chair, and several other things used for discipline. On the spanking bench was a young man strapped down and his naked butt sticking up in the air. Jessica said this is Rodney he is one of my regulars and he has volunteered to help you and me correct your situation. Shari said how is he gonna help me? Jessica said we’re going to allow you to practice on Rodney to perfect the technique you need to use with your son. Jessica walked across the room and took down a paddle with holes in it and walked over to the bench.
She held the paddle up and showed Shari and said this is the smallest paddle I have and this row of holes makes for a real attention getter when applied to the bare bottom. Shari looked at the paddle and it was the size of a large hairbrush and it was made of ash wood and finely sanded with predrilled holes in the head of the paddle. Jessica said now watch this is what happens when this paddle is applied properly. She walked over and placed the paddle against Rodney’s bare behind and rubbed it around. She said you can’t just start to wack away because they will try and figure out the rhythm you use in your swats, and you can’t allow that to happen because otherwise they will not understand what the reasoning for the spanking is, and thus it defeats the whole purpose. She lifted the paddle up high and brought it down slow, and then raised it again and with one fast swoop she landed it against his bare flesh, and he yelped and tensed up. She lifted the paddle and showed Shari the imprint left behind. On his but was a nice red spot the size of the head of the paddle and a row of small welts from the holes in the middle.
Jessica then motioned for Shari to come over and she said now I want you to make Rodney’s ass as red as you like till you think you got the job done. Shari said I don’t think I can. Jessica looked at her well its time we taught you how. Now you saw how I swatted his ass just get into it and pick your own rhythm and continue till you’re satisfied. So Shari walked over and applied the paddle gently to Rodney’s ass and began to swing and one after another she landed the paddle against his ass hearing him whence in pain with every swat, and then she stopped. She looked around at all the spanking implements and then walked over and got a large leather strap and then returned and began strapping his ass, and with every slap of the leather against his bare ass he would cry out, and finally tears began to roll down his cheeks. Shari stopped and began to console him, but Jessica stopped her and said that’s not the right thing to do. Once you administer the right amount of punishment you need to tell him what he did was wrong and make him stand in the corner with his red bare ass and think about what he ahs done. Once he has stood there for an hour or so you come back and talk to him about what he had done wrong.
Shari and Jessica continued to talk and then she said I need to go. Jessica said why don’t you bring your son by sometime and we’ll see if we can’t work out the kinks in his discipline, or if you can’t do that send him over here by himself and I will help to straighten it out. Shari thought about it and said I will call you Jessica, and let you know. Shari went home and walked in the door and found the house in shambles and she yelled at Greg, but he was nowhere around. She stood in the living room and cried When Greg walked in she turned to him and looked at him with so much anger and she said look what you did to my clean house? Greg just stood there and said yeah I’ll clean it up later and Shari said just go to your room and leave me alone. Shari quietly started cleaning up the mess, and washing the dishes, and thinking to herself this has to stop. She picked up the phone and called Jessica, and told her what had happened when she came home. Jessica told her send him over here tomorrow. Tell him he has an appointment, and he has to make it or he will be expelled from school or some other story of your choosing. He will not want to anything like that to happen, and I will handle the rest. Shari hung the phone up as Greg came in the room and she said you know who that was? It was your teacher. She said you need to come see her at her house she ahs your paper you just wrote and she wants to discuss it with you. She said if you don’t show up she will recommend to the principle you be suspended.
Greg said well the paper wasn’t that bad, geez. Shari said, and just what did you write about young man? He said ah nothing was just a joke. Well you better see her then. Your appointment is tomorrow at 12:00 and you better be there or things good go bad. Greg thought to himself I don’t want to get kicked out of school so I will go. Ok Mom I will be there. After Greg went o bed Shari called Jessica she said ok he is going to be there I told him he was being sent to his teachers house for a paper he wrote. Jessica said ok and Shari replied yeah apparently he really did write one because he confessed to it being nothing when I told him. Jessica said well he will pay for that paper and everything else by the time I am done. Shari said well I will be there when I get off work about 2:00 if you can keep him occupied that long. Jessica said trust me Shari he and I are having a real long discussion about his attitude and behavior problems. Shari hung up the phone and thought to herself, I hope this fixes the situation. Greg arrived at the address his mom left for him before she left for work at 4:00 in the morning and he rang the bell. He heard come in so he turned the knob and walked in, and he heard a voice from the back room that said make your self comfortable Greg. As he walked past the door it slammed shut and automatically clicked the lock shut. He turned and looked and thought to himself what the heck is going on. Jessica walked in dressed very business like in a nice skirt and blouse and Greg looked and said hey you’re not my teacher and Jessica said yes young man I am today. He stood up to leave and she stepped in front of him and with a stern look, “Sit your young ass down before I sit you down”.
Greg sat back down and said hey lady I don’t know you, so you better let me go or my mom will call the cops. Jessica sat across from him and watched him and said I hate to break your heart, young man but your mother is the one who sent you here she knows all about it, so I highly doubt she will call the police. So then why am I here? It’s not about the damn paper I wrote in class. Well it is and it isn’t, Jessica said. It’s also about your disrespect of your mother and your bad behavior problems and trust me by the time you leave here today you will be doing the right things or I am most certain your mother will send you back here again. Now when I am done talking you will be allowed to offer your remarks, so just sit there ad listen do you understand? Greg shouted “Fuck you” lady you ain’t my boss. Jessica quickly stood up and walked over grabbed Greg by his ear and said let me tell you something young man right now. I am a lady and you don’t ever use that foul language around a lady and I will teach you to respect a lady before this day is through and she let him go and sat down again. Greg rubbed his ear and gave her a dirty look and she said that’s ok you will learn not to do that either when we’re done.
Jessica began to spill out all the things Shari had told her during their chat, and Greg just kinda sat there looking off into the sky like he wasn’t listening and Jessica knew his type and had handled them many times so she just kept going. When she was done she looked over at him and said now young man got anything to say for your self? Greg looked back at her and said you know what lady, and Jessica stopped him and said you may call me Jessica, and Greg said well JESSICA I don’t care what you and my mom think I am old enough o make my own decisions about what I am doing and you nor her can really do anything about it. That’s all I have to say to you, and he stuck his tongue out and crossed his arms. Jessica sat up in her chair and she said oh young man you are so wrong. At that point Jessica stood up and said sit right there young man I have to take care of one thing and then we will see who has a stronger will. Jessica walked off from the room and Greg stood up walked to the door and tried to open it but it was no use. He looked all around the room for something to use to pry it open or break it down, but there was nothing. Jessica walked up behind him and he turned quickly and told her Don’t touch em I will call the cops, and she grabbed him by the arm and said don’t worry they know all about me. She dragged him into the back room and leaned him across the spanking bench and held him there while she strapped his hands. He tried to fight, but since Jessica knew her profession it was no problem restraining him. He kept yelling this is illegal and you can’t do this. She said oh yes I can I have your mothers signature on this consent form and she held in front of his face for him to see and she will be joining us soon. She then began to strap his legs to the bench after she stripped off his pants and underwear. She looked at him and noticed he had an erection from all this. She said oh does this excite you young man? Well trust me when I am done excitement will be the last thing on your mind. He then saw her from the farthest point eh could turn his head walk across the room and he asked well what are you going to do? She talked to him from across the room and said well since you think your such a bad boy, and your mother tells me how bad you have been I am going to administer to you the punishment you deserve.
She then walked over and he couldn’t tell what she had in her hand but he realized it was something he hadn’t seen before. He could tell she stopped behind him and then he felt her rub her long nailed smooth hands across his backside. You like that huh? And he said yes it feels good and she said well that’s all about to change and she began to spank his ass with her bare hand and he wiggled and tried to get away from the attack. She stopped and rubbed for a minute and said oh look what a nice pink behind, but we ain’t done yet. He then heard her heels clicking across the floor and she walked back and then the next swats came from a leather belt being applied amply to his backside on each cheek and with each swish he felt the burn and sting and he yelled out, and was almost in tears when she stopped after twenty lashes to each cheek. She walked off for about ten minutes and all eh could do is whimper and feel the sting in his ass as it burned. He heard her laughing and talking as she came back into the room and then he heard his mom’s voice. He yelled out mom what did you do this for? Shari said well Greg I told you to start behaving and mind me but you kept it up and I can’t have that anymore. It’s too hard on me, and you’re getting to old to be acting like a young child and you had to learn a lesson and Jessica is helping me with that. Jessica told Shari how she had been handling the situation and that now it was Shari’s turn to dish out her form of punishment to her child. Greg began to beg please mom don’t do this anymore I will be good. Shari said yes I know you will sweetheart but this is something I have been needing to do for a long time. This will be the punishment you will receive from now on if you continue these behaviors after this day.
Shari then walked over and looked at the wall and remembered the paddle she had used on Rodney the day she first visited Jessica’s. She started to reach for it, but then spotted another paddle she thought would grab the attention better of her young son. She pulled it down and looked at it. It was a long leather paddle about a foot in length and thought to her self as she slid her hand across it yes this will do fine. She swatted the paddle against her thigh so as to intensify the impact to her son’s ears. She walked up behind her son and she looked at his still pink ass, and she said this is definitely a pink ass, and Jessica smiled at her handy work. Shari said well I guess its time to change that, and with that she began to swat her son’s ass with vigor and precision making sure to hit both cheeks and his upper thighs just below his buttocks. Alternating her swats with power and thrust her son screamed out with every swat and soon he was in tears and Shari stopped. Jessica and Shari undid his straps and Shari commanded him to stand in the corner and with his arms to his sides to stand and think about all the things he had been doing wrong.
Jessica said if you move young man things will get much worse, and her and Shari walked to the couch and sat down. After about 20 minutes the ladies were talking and Shari looked over and saw Greg trying to rub his hot red ass, and she yelled put your hands back down. Jessica stood up walked over grabbed Greg by his arm and pulled him over to the chair in the corner. She sat down and pulled him across her lap. Greg tried to fight but she was too skilled to let him get away. She pinned his arm behind him and held his legs down with her leg and began to slam his ass with a multiple of swats with her bare hand all the time saying you heard what was said if you moved and she rained down so many swats he was back in tears and his ass was redder than it had been for a half hour. Finally when she was done after 30 minutes of bare hand spanking she stood him up and his mother sat down and returned him to the same position and with a small hairbrush paddle she continued spanking his ass. After reducing him to a blubbering baby in tears and with the sorest ass he had ever had she stood him up and returned him to the corner and she said now you will stand here for an hour and if you move again it will be just as bad or worse. After an hour had passed she walked over and sat down, and called her son over, and she scolded him for all his bad behavior and asked him was it going to continue, and with a weeping and sobbing cry, he said no ma’am. She hugged him and said now pull up your pants and go apologize to Ms Jessica and get your book bag and wait for me at the door. Shari thanked and hugged Jessica and Jessica said anytime sweetheart. If you have any problems with him again feel free to bring him back for another session. Shari walked to the door and put her arm around her son, and they left, and as they walked out the door Jessica said be good Greg see you later, and Greg said yes ma’am I will. Shari called Jessica a few months later to give her an update about Greg’s behavior. Jessica said well how is he doing? Shari said he does ok most of the time, but anytime he gets out of line I spank his ass, and then when he thinks that it doesn’t hurt I just tell him well I can always take you back to Ms. Jessica’s, and he said no way, and starts acting right. Jessica laughed and send him over I will take care of it immediately if needs be. Shari hung up the phone and went to bed.

* Note – Greg grew up and moved on with his adult life but he began thinking about how turned on he got from the spankings he got as a young man. So he called Ms. Jessica and has been visiting her establishment for his punishment correction for a few years now.

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