Just a thought  

rm_SGTWILL1068 45M
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6/19/2006 5:21 pm
Just a thought

Some people in this world try so hard to have good things but never seem to ever get them, and others try very little and have more than they could ever want.Some people get the things they always wanted but misuse them without considering the consequences, and others never get what they want, and try so hard to take care of the very little they have just hoping something better comes along.

Some people find that special someone and live happily ever after, and some never find anyone and live a long life alone. Others spend their life searchingfor someone to give them the love they desire, but never find them. Some take the desire they recieve and flaunt it around those who have none.Some people try to do the right thing and always are taken for granted till they are needed and have been so hurt they can't give. Some people never try hard enough but expect everything to be given to them.

Some live life alone because they want someone so bad they won't settle, and some live life alone because noone will accept them for who they are. Some live life by the seat of their pants, never realizing who is watching, and others are running so fast they don't see who they are stepping over.

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