In the Core  

rm_SGTWILL1068 45M
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6/5/2006 11:15 am
In the Core

Deep down in the middle of your heart there is something beating so strong
Noone can tell you different, or tell you that it’s wrong

You follow this beat throughout your days and it helps you clear your mind
You do for your friends and family never leaving anyone else behind

You make every effort to receive that which you always give
Trying not to forget yourself, always doing your best to just live

You like everything simple and very uncomplicated too
You have your values and morals that is what makes you

The core of your being is very strong in your mind and heart
It is the center of who you are it combines you part for part

Noone can make you change that core except for only you
A real love for someone might make a dent
But they can’t truly see it without your consent

What is the one thing that matters more than it ever has before?
Its your inner self, your values, your morals “in the core”

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