A Vision  

rm_SGTWILL1068 45M
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6/5/2006 11:12 am
A Vision

She is a vision of loveliness every time she catches your eye
When you’re not around her you feel as though you might die
She takes your breath away with every single look
She knows what you are feeling she can read you like a book

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and you know she has it all
You spend your day dreaming of her, and waiting for her call
When you’re in her presence your heart is beating so strong
You want so bad to make love to her all night long

You take nothing for granted for when it comes to this one
You make every effort to conquer all fears until they are gone
She sends chills down your spine with every single touch
You do anything and everything to let her know you love her so much

Lying there in each others arms talking of your dreams
Nothing can stand in the way of your vision or so it seems
Not being blinded to the world you both walk hand in hand
Until such time as the day comes that you exchange that special band

Once you reach that day the bond grows ever stronger
Your life is now beginning again and with love it will last much longer
Taking each other to heart and believing in the things you both can do
You show her you ever lasting love, as she does the same to you

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