Lost weekend  

SFla2Some 54M/57F
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3/13/2005 12:56 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Lost weekend

Well, it looks like our plans for fun in the sun this weekend took a hit. We had planned to spend the day today at one of the local swing clubs here soaking up some sun (they have a private pool and deck area that is great for nude sunbathing) and hopefully meeting some companions to play with.

A quick trip to the dentist for the wife on friday turned into an ordeal when they found some infected bone in her jaw and had to cut it out. She is going to make a full recovery, but the healing process is a bit painful as you might imagine.

At least the weather cooperated, 75 and sunny. Luckily for us, living in south Florida this weather is here to stay.

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3/13/2005 7:00 pm

Happy healing! And the best to ya. G n W.

rm_phidee 72M

6/5/2005 1:15 pm

It has been a couple of months, how is the wife doing. I hope she has recoverded from her ordeal.
I really want to get back to Deenies, Thursday night is my favorite, Jackie used to bartend then, Is he still there?
I hope so he is always a riot to listen to.

rm_cinfulcpl2 71M/69F
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6/8/2005 11:57 am

hi iam new at this - we r interested in deenies its not far from us
is it on premise club or just place to me hope jaw heals and the mouth gets back to normal

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