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5/21/2006 10:17 pm

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5/23/2006 6:26 pm

my flng

i m a naughty gal - whenever my bf is outta town i go on a sex adventure

tis time around i met a french guy in a hotel room.

it was our first meeting which makes it even more exciting..

we started by kissing each other than slowly undressing..
he pushed in on the bed = i spread my thighs apart - he rubbed my pussy and my juices started flowings - he nibbled my tits - n then he shoved his cock into my mouth,

oh i luved ta taste of his cock - it was sooo big and sooo delicious. i licked it, sucked it nice n long, nibbled the head abit, went all the way in and toook him out...oh it was delicious

finally he laid back on his back - n pulled me to sit on top of him. as i sat on his cock - i felt sooo horny, soo erotic - looking down on a strangers face - fucking him - riding him,making him long for more of me...ooh i was in ecstacy...

then i couldnt take the pleasure any more, i wanted more of him, i got greedy. i moved away and showed him my arse...he got excited. he started lubricating my arse and slowly he pushed n i screamed, he pushed harder, n i felt him enter, finally he used all his strength n bam he was deep inside my arse. i screamed and called him names - he loved it - he called me a easy fuck, slut, good cunt etc...

i came as he continued fucking my arse...for more then 30min - finally he came - on top of my arse..

i didnt wife off his cum, i laid on the bed on my tummy - he washed his cum gave me a kiss on my thighs and finally laid on beside me and went to sleep...

finally guys - if u wanna comment - dun get PERSONAL. a blog is something someone writes about watever they like - if u dun like wat i write here - u dun need to get PERSONAL in order to comment. u dun need to get NASTY too.

oh tat frenchman - where r u? i miss yr cock and i miss your kisses...u paid me sooo much...n yet u ask so little. all u wanted was to fuck my arse senseless and make me cum...cum i much

i crave for u..where r u?

rm_NewGuy182 31M
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6/14/2006 1:42 pm story. ever tried an american guy? lol. sorry had to be said. im even in singapore! what a coincidence. haha seriously though, nice post

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