Self Reflection: Me (Part 2)  

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4/14/2006 6:22 am

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Self Reflection: Me (Part 2)

When I reflect on the scenarios that I've beeen a part of or I'd enjoy being part of, here are my thoughts:

Being with A Woman: Certainly - especially with those types of women described in Part 1. yummy.

More Than One Female: This is a popular scenario with me here and in the USA. I'm fortunate to have a circle of bi-sexual friends that like to play together. I'd like to continue to build that type of circle of regular partners (instead of just one-nighter swing partners) in the Pacific Northwest

My Girl With At Least One Other Another Straight Guy or Another Hetero Couple: Two couples are generally interesting particularly when both women are bi. In the first case, my girl with another invitee is the usual MMF or MMMF scenario that I have been in. In every MMF case that I can recall anyway, the guys have been known to me.

Another Couple With Me As Their Guest: I've never tried this before but honestly I've been thinking more about it. Not much on my list that I have tried before so it is interesting to think about. I wouldn't mind finding another couple and being their guest...just to know the feeling of being a third. I think that I would be comfortable in the situation even if the guy was bi (bottom). Any hot but patient volunteers to show me the ropes here?

B&D: Tried light bondage and discipline as both giver and receiver. Nothing serious and certainly nothing unwanted. The trick here is the element of trust around limits and this is key for both parties to have a good time. I've had women ask for various things in this area and as a result I definitely prefer being the giver...what a turn-on to occasionally smack an ass until it is red and warm or do the whole rope thing. I'd love to meet a hard core submissive and work my mojo...nothing long term just a weekend to try my...err..umm...hand at it for more than a just a passing fancy.

TVs: I've seen some photos of TVs that are absolutely stunning. Given that most that i have seen in person are not passable, I'll reserve judgement on my response until I actually meet one like some of the stunning photos that i have seen. The taboo is kinda cool as well...kind of the ultimate bad girl. Right environment, some drinks, a lot of patience...and who knows...

Guys: If the theory that every person can be attracted to someone of the same sex is true, then I'll simply offer that i have yet to meet a guy that makes me think, "wow, I really want to fuck him...". That may change in the future but for the moment...thats me.

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