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4/12/2006 5:04 pm

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AFF Observations

I've only been on AdultFriendFinder for a few weeks. I started out just looking for local women and couples here in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. However, through chatting and invites, I have already managed to grow my circle of friends far beyond Bolivia.

There are some amazing people on AdultFriendFinder. But, like everywhere, there are a few bad apples. Below is a starting list of things that I simply don't understand:


1) Men posing as Women: Yikes! This was always number one on my list and likely number one on most people's lists. What is there to be gained by doing this? I don't get it and you shouldn't get it either.

2) Acting Like Pigs: OK, she doesn't like you..move on to one of the other N million people on AdultFriendFinder. Judging by comments in the profiles that I read (particularly of hot women) and the number of profiles turned off, I wonder how many hot people have been totally turned by their AdultFriendFinder experience due to pushy people and pigs in general. It isnt limited to just men...I was in a chat room the other and some woman was clearly drunk and just bashing people that were trying to chat. AdultFriendFinder should quarantine these folks into their own area - they'd be perfect for each other.


3) "NO MEN!": No problems at all with this in general. I dont want to contact people that are not looking for people like me...but if you dont want to have contact with men, please dont select "Men" as one of your search criteria as is often the case. Some people are pigs and will contact you regardless. I am not one of those people nor are many men on AdultFriendFinder. We naturally tend to look at the search criteria first by habit which means the all caps "NO MEN" located some 50 paragraphs later may not be seen.


4) Using Professional Photos: People in certain areas must either be professional models or have real money to dump on professionally posed photos. Maybe its me but if these are not professionally photos and are of the person in question, I find it incredibly hard to believe that the men and women actually have a hard time getting laid. if that is the case, what does this portend for a short, dark, ugly guy like myself. I have one person in my friends list that sends out porn photos from porn sites as part of their almost daily album updates. I love porn and my close friends love porn. However, when I want to see pro porn, I go somewhere other

5) Using Other People's Photos: Whether copyrighted or not, what is to be gained by using photos of other people? What if someone really likes you and you show up like me rather than the Brad Pitt type fellow in your photo? Some photos are in such common use that I see them almost daily for different people (the incredible girl in the bikini laying on her belly on a living room carpet ring a bell for anyone?) I have private photos in my albums and yet some people insist on writing to ask me if there are other photos of my group sex partners fully clothed and with their faces showing. Umm, news flash, if they wanted their faces shown, they would show their faces.

16 APRIL UPDATE: I've actually got two profiles with the same photos in my network now, foxybi5 (profile in english from the UK) and Angela_709 (profile in French from Belgium). Different photos of clearly the same woman. Know of any others?


6) Part of Chat Room Opening Line - "Women only!": wow, if you are that afraid to show your figs on cam, don't cam in the first place. And men (or women for that matter) cant see anything anyway with your hand moving up and down so fast.

7) Part of Chat Room Opening Line - "Any hot girls wanna cam?": Suggestion #3: Don't do that. Suggestion #2: try a line that might actually work. Has this line (or any of the myriad alternatives) actually ever worked for anyone ever in the history of AdultFriendFinder? Suggestion #1:Try looking at the cams in the room or the directory - usually somebody is fufilling your oddball fantasy/fetish right under your veery nose.

Going straight to MSN or Yahoo in chat: Second news flash of the day...Dudes, if they wanted to cam with you, they would.

Enough ranting for the day....where are all of the hot women (yes, only those that might be looking for guys!)?


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