Didn't do a thing... but fuck.  

SAtongueStud 36M
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3/6/2006 9:19 am
Didn't do a thing... but fuck.

This weekend was pretty quiet. I was sick on Thursday, but Friday I was feeling a bit better. M stayed over all weekend.

We went out, rented some movies, got some booze, dug out the porn and the vibe, and went to work. We fucked no less than 7 times on Saturday. Sunday neither of us were feeling well, so we did some shopping, and then fucked all night and this morning.


Long anal! Not only did she take all of it, she was really into it.

Facials! THREE! I'm a sucker for cum on the face, what can I say?

She's working on her deep throating too. That's a definite plus.

More later when I have other things to report!

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