reality flavored,low calorie, low cholesterol, diet prune juice for your minds  

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5/30/2006 6:27 am
reality flavored,low calorie, low cholesterol, diet prune juice for your minds

We dont all have to hold hands and chant but we need to figure out how to share some space on this sphere. Beyond terrorism, global warming, pollution, child molestation in churches, and bad toupees on evening anchormen exists a people great enough to value family when things get ugly. Things are bad, leaders are incompetent and incapable of representing the true interests of the people. Thats good though because peoples interests are better represented by people.
Besides, most of us dont want soldiers coming in our house and thrashing about in the wee hours of the morning so America aint that bad.

Was your president elected or (selected)??

the funkadelic maggot brain credo is this.
(we`ve done so much for so long with so little we are now qualified to do the impossible with nothing)

A woman is easier to put on a pedastal if she isnt on one already.
Ladies, cover yourselves and stop putting a price tag on whats priceless.

god bless all you hurricane survivors. just put the whole experience in the scrapbook next to the civil rights movement (they used dogs on us then too)
but you gotta stop trying to beat the system. if you dont have a home anymore, dont get tattoos, and engagement rings. dont pay bills with the money they give you for aid (hand on forehead).

god bless the families that lost people in the mines of WV.

Weather your black or white, or weather we're talking about cars or clothes
there will always be a difference between the best and the most expensive.

You have all the time in the world, but no time to waste.

I read somewhere that 2000$ a year in a Roth IRA will result in 1 million in just under 8 years. I'm a starving artist so somebody check it out and get back to me.

Your toddlers arent here yet. The playful, infectious, positive insanity they share is from heaven just like them. They're still in his presence until they ask for the keys to your car.

Tell the people that dont believe in your dreams to kiss your ass with their mouths open.

i still love all of you

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