The Masseuse  

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The Masseuse

I loved my job.

Being a massage therapist for ten years in California, I have seen my share of women come in and out of my office. I have never had personal contact with any of them other than the usual once or twice a month rub down. One day, this strikingly beautiful brunette comes in and wants to schedule an appointment. I overheard the receptionist tell her that I had a cancellation and could see her as soon as possible. I jumped and ran into my office, tried to look my best and went in to see her.

I will admit, she looked gorgeous with nothing on but that paper robe. Her hair was all piled up on her head, fastened with a huge hair clip, her skin glowing and dark from the beach. I introduced myself and she introduced her self as Ms. Wilkens. I asked her what she was feeling, where, how often and what she was taking for the aches and pains, if anything. She told me of her problems, said that she didn’t want to take anything until she knew for sure what was wrong and asked me to find out what was wrong. I asked her if I could touch her back. She obliged. I placed my hands on her bare shoulders and began to rub. She tensed up a little bit and I told her to relax. Her skin was so soft and warm, like she had just come from the beach. I could feel my cock jump a heart beat in my pants and quickly stepped away from her.

When I was finished, she said she never felt better in her life. When she asked if she needed any kind of medications, I told her that I didn’t see why and to just take a couple of aspirins. As I walked her out to the front desk for her to make another appointment, I asked her if she needed anything else. She just smiled and said “No”. I stood there with my jaw half having open as she walked to her car. The receptionist smacked me with the appointment book and started to laugh.

Belinda, as I came to know her over the months, was single and never married. During our appointments, we talked and got to know one another on a personal level. At twenty-five, she had no children, came from a middle class family with only one parent and was one out of the five children that made it to college and graduated third in her class with high honors. She told me that she never had a real relationship because she was in school almost all the time and really didn’t have a dating life due to studying six out of seven nights a week.

I shared with her my failed married of seven years, explained that we loved one another, but thought we would make much better friends. We never had a chance to have kids because both of our jobs were very demanding and we saw each other only on the weekends. We filed for divorce and we remained friends for a few years after that.

Before I knew it, I was attracted to Belinda and looked forward to our visits. Much to my surprise, and my receptionists, Belinda started to schedule her massages more frequently, like every two weeks instead of once a month. My receptionist just looked at me and grinned. I turned on my heel and strolled back to my office.

During one of our appointments, I decided to ask her out on a date. I was so nervous that I couldn’t rub her right and as I took my hands off her back, she rolled over and asked me what was wrong. So I asked her, point blank, scared out of my mind and she said… “Yes”.

We went out a few nights later. I took her to this little seafood shack right off of PCH. We ate steak and lobster, had a few drinks and laughed for hours. At one time, the restaurant got loud that she had to lean in to hear me. When I was done talking, she looked at me with her big brown eyes and all I could think of doing was kissing her poutie lips. As if she was reading my mind, she leaned in and kissed me. My knees went weak and my cock started to throb. I had fantasized about her, about this, for months. I looked at her and asked her if she felt like coming home with me and getting a little ‘wild’. She giggled and replied, “Sure”.

I sat her down on the couch and went into the kitchen. I came back to two glasses of wine and we sat on the rug that covered a great length of the hardwood floors. I got up and pulled out my massage table. I could hear her giggle and that turned me on full tilt. I lit the candles, turned off the lights and put some light music on from the den. I stood her up and we stripped out of our clothes off. I lifted Belinda onto the table and began to rub her back.

She moaned as I rubbed in the sweet exotic oils. Working them deep into her skin, from bottom to top, and top to bottom, each time I applied pressure with the ball of my hands, she moaned and wiggled her hips and each time she did that, my cock grew harder and harder. I massaged her back, kneading gently and then down to her long, luscious legs. I worked my hands into small, circular strokes, making sure to cover every inch of her body.

In a rhythm of my own, my hands rubbed down to the curves of her tight ass. At first I hesitated, but quickly realized that she didn’t want me to stop. Underneath her on the table, I saw a small wet spot and knew I had made her come. I smiled and continued to rub her thighs, then her legs, and finally, her feet.

Turning her over so I could start on her front side, I started the whole process all over again, except I did it in reverse. Staying at the foot of the table, I worked my way back up her shapely legs and paused to view her diamond shaped brunette mound. She had her pussy hair shaved and trimmed and it glistened with her hot pussy juice from moments before. I leaned down and kissed her gently on her slick, dripping lips, teasingly blowing on them and watching her clit become harder. I kissed my way up her taunt stomach and then teased her breasts by licking, flicking and gently biting them.

I stopped long enough to kiss her deeply and ask her if she was doing alright. Smiling, she hopped off the table, legs almost went out from under her but catching her balance, and stumbled over to the rug and grabbed her glass of wine. I walked over to her and sat down behind her, kissing her on the back of her neck, while my hands moved around to her front and straight down to her wet hole. I heard her let out a big sigh and felt her legs open a little. I could feel her inner thighs quiver as I began to rub her clit, slowly and softly at first, telling her how sweet and good she tasted, how I couldn’t wait for more. Belinda started to shake and moan as my finger dipped inside of her, and then out, and then in again. I knew she was close. I pulled back my hands and grabbed her by her hips and lifted her up. Telling her to stay put, I rolled over on my back and sat her down on my face. In just a few moments, my face was covered and she was screaming.

Belinda’s hands latched onto my hair and started bucking her pussy into my face. Her hips were swinging back and forth, begging for more of my tongue. My fingers found her wetness once again and small moans escaped her lips as I tickled her pussy and licked and sucked her clit at the same time. She climaxed over and over again.

Placing her shivering body on her back, I leaned down and kissed her, sharing her sweet honey with her and ever so slightly, I slid my finger deep inside her. Rising up and digging her nails into the rug, I watched as she opened her legs wider. Her juices were overflowing by now, so I inserted another finger and felt her pussy tighten around them. I worked my tongue over the curves of her breasts as my fingers pumped slowly inside her, my thumb rubbing her sweet nub. I trailed my tongue down Belinda’s tanned stomach and began to lick and suck her sweet pussy. She arched her back to meet my tongue and made my fingers go in deeper and that almost brought me to the point of not holding back anymore. I licked and sucked and nibbled her clit until she came with a fury.

Crawling in between her legs, she lifted her ass up to meet me. Admiring how beautiful she looked, I grabbed my throbbing dick and just barely teased her slick, wet hole with the tip. Her hips wouldn’t stay in one place so I grabbed them and slid my dick into her hot tight pussy. I almost came right then and there. She was so tight that I didn’t think I could fit all eight inches of my manhood inside of her. The more I pumped, the more she got tighter and the more I was getting turned on, the more wet she got.

I wanted her to feel all of me deep inside of her so I stopped, got on my back and had her jump on top of me. Just feeling her slowly slide down my shaft as her hot juices coated my cock, I had to think bad thoughts just so I wouldn’t cum right there. She played well, knew which buttons to push and she obviously enjoyed it. I enjoyed it as much as she did. Every time I tickled her Love Spot, she’d cum and cum some more.

I pulled her down, kissed her sweaty lips and massaged her beautiful firm breasts. I held her by her hips as I lifted her and pounded my cock into her pussy. I looked down and one of her hands began playing with her clit. Her pussy tightened up once more and I knew she was about to cum. I encouraged Belinda to keep rubbing, kept telling her to keep it nice and hot and wet for my cock. Again, in a few short pants and moans, my cock turned white from her climax. In return, I told her to hold on, that it was my turn and before I could say anymore, I squeezed every ounce of hot cum into her tiny swollen pussy.

We fell to the floor, panting hard and trying not to pass out. We looked over at each other and I kissed her passionately, sharing her sweet nectar with her. I could feel her legs, still quivering from the rocking orgasm that I was happy to have given her.

Belinda and I are still together. We still have our every two weeks appointments and we still play at my home on the massage table.

Matter of fact, we have a date tonight…

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I loved it. You have a gift for erotic writing. Mike GJGraniteCock

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