The Bedroom Chair  

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4/23/2006 10:12 am

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The Bedroom Chair

It was late at night and I had decided to put my book down and take a bath. You were working the late shift so I figured I could take a long hot bath, crawl into bed and wait for you.

As the water filled the tub I added bubbles and lit the candles. I put my hair up and turned off the water. Shedding my clothes and dipping slowly into the tub, I relaxed and closed my eyes. I enjoyed the tingling of the bubbles all over my body and soon found myself getting turned on. I let my hands drift down my chest, down to my stomach and further down to feel the silkiness of my shaved pussy.

Taking my finger, I rubbed my clit slowly… Softly… I could feel the stirrings of excitement growing inside of me. I spread my legs as far as the tub would let me. Slipping my finger in slowly I could feel how hot my pussy was. I moved my hips to meet the rhythm of my finger and sighed and moaned at the pleasure it brought me. As I was coming close to my orgasm, I felt a presence in the room and stopped. You were standing there watching the whole thing.

Feeling a little flushed I rose out of the tub, where you greeted me with a towel and a smile. You asked me if I was embarrassed and I said no, just surprised. As I applied lotion and a soft body spray, I could feel your eyes on me. Blowing out the candles and draining the tub, I kissed you and headed into the bedroom. When I got into the bedroom, you stopped me, whipped me around and planted a deep passionate kiss on me. I responded and melted into your arms, not realizing that the towel had lost its hold and fell to the floor. Your hands trailed every inch of my shuddering body and I could feel my knees grow weak. You sensed it, too and moved me over to the chair in the corner.

Sitting me down and telling me not to move, I watched as you got undressed, exposing your sexy body and throbbing member. You took my hand and pulled me up to kiss me, then sat down in the chair. Telling me to straddle you, I watched your eyes follow the movements of my legs and heard a small moan come from your throat as I sat on your stomach. You reached up and took the clip out of my hair, causing the long flowing strands of gold to fall all about me. Reaching around to the back of my neck, you grabbed a handful of hair and brought my lips to yours. The sudden reaction caused me to gasp and instantly I came all over you.

With your strong hands on my hips you start to slowly pump me. With my hands on your chest and my legs wrapped around the legs of the chair, I felt your cock rub against my ass with each thrust. I felt your hand move around to the back and before I knew it, your finger found my wet pussy. By now your heavy breathing had turned into small pants and moans. Just when I was going come, you lifted me off of you and crawled between my legs.

Lifting my legs onto your shoulders I felt your hot breath on my pussy. The anticipation of your hungry tongue made me wet with each passing second. I looked down to see you gently part the slick folds of my womanhood and lick and suck your way to my clit. The heat from your tongue drove me crazy, making me want to hold you there while I came all over your face. Nibbling on my clit ring and feeling your finger inside of me sent me well over the edge.
Taking your place back in the chair, you wasted no time and sat me directly on your cock. From the intenseness of the force, I came all over you. With your hands on my hips you helped keep my quivering body in motion with yours, making me come and come again. I knew you were close and I tightened my pussy harder around your cock. It didn’t take long after that because you were pumping me like a wild animal. In a screaming, moaning frenzy we both came together.

Collapsing on your chest and trying to catch my breath, you kissed me asked me if I could handle more. I just laughed and told you that anytime you were up for the challenge, I would be, too.

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