Paris Affair  

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4/23/2006 10:34 am

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Paris Affair

You were sitting across from me in a street cafe in Paris. It was night and the moon was bright, a cool breeze blowing through the air. I observed your moves, having espresso, watching your lips fold around your cup and my mind wandered off. I hadn’t been to Paris in years and now that I had noticed you, I’m glad that I changed my mind about going to Alaska.
I watched as your lips formed into a small pout, they looked so firm and talented. I watched as your skirt shifted, showing your strong legs and tight thighs. A black skirt, white blouse, and it looked like you were wearing a cream silk bra; two buttons were open, your long blonde hair falling on your blouse and shoulders.

I caught your eye while you glanced over the cup. You stared at me and smiled. Your legs were crossed, now they were modestly opened. You watched me looking between them, and you opened them more. I smiled while seeing a glace of your silk panties across the distance. You continued to look into your magazine, the same page for the last 15 minutes, but you glanced over to me, my eyes, and my smile.
I walked over to you, smiled, you smiled back. ”You want to walk?” I ask

“Where to?” you ask

“The park?” I responded

You got up, took my hand and followed me. The smell of your perfume was breathtaking.
I walked onto a nearby path and you followed behind. I found this small pond with a bench in a very secluded area of the park, lamppost barely lit and flickered. I watched as people walked by, hardly noticing it. We sat down and talked idle chit chat but I noticed that you were getting edgy in your seat. I looked at your legs, your breasts, and once our eyes met, I saw glowing lust in them. I kissed your soft, sexy mouth and we kissed passionately. I pulled your skirt up, massaged your thighs, first on the outside, then slowly and ever so teasingly on the inside.
You stopped kissing me and looked around. Seeing no one, you turned and faced me, opening your legs just enough to wrap them around me. I took that as an offer that you wanted your pussy touched. As you wrapped your arms around my neck, I grabbed your firm ass in my hands and brought you up and onto my lap. I felt your thighs squeeze around me and thought for sure that you’d break me in half.

Your hands grabbed onto my shirt and your fingernails dug in as I gently slid my finger up and down your wet slit, your soaked panties making it very easy for me. Your kisses were coming hotter and more wilder each time I flicked your hood ring. Your moaning was low and husky and I felt you grind into me. I grabbed your hair, pulled hard and heard your small screams and moans. I licked and nibbled at your neck, and ran my tongue down to your hard nipples. Your blouse, which only had two buttons open, now was fully open and I saw the cream colored bra, nipples poking their way through the thin fabric. It was all I could take and I slid my hand up your thigh, and ripped your silk panties off and out of my way.

I started to caress your clit, moistening your swollen greedy lips. Your moans were getting deeper and faster. I felt your legs open wider for me. I pulled your blouse down and around your shoulders, gently cupping your bra. I reached behind you and with one swift flick of my fingers, your breasts unfolded into my face. I cupped each breast and buried my face into them. I felt your fingers get entwined in my hair, the hotness from your breath as you whispered into my ear, letting me know by the nasty suggestions that you wanted more…. Much more….
Taking off my jacket, I let you unbutton my shirt. As you pulled it off I watched as you sighed with a slight smirk, obviously happy with what you have unwrapped. You took your place back on the bench, between my legs, placing your luscious legs around me once again. You bent down and kissed me and I reached around and cupped your ass. I felt you move up and down and realized that you found the boner in my pants. You weren’t going to get it that quick…

Placing one hand on your back, I took my other hand and started playing with your juicy pussy. You were like a bucking bronco, your breasts bouncing in and off of my face, your juices hot and sticky. Kissing you deeply and wrapping my tongue around yours, I placed the tip of my finger in your dripping hole and teased you and waited for that one gasp… Yes, there it was… As soon as you gasped, I shoved it all the way in and felt the flow of your nectar run down my hand. Grabbing onto my neck, I felt you bolt up, scream and come hard. The sting of the night air hit the fresh scratches on my chest and back as you slowly slid down my chest and collapsed in soft pants and moans. I knew you had come a few times. I could smell it. Now I wanted to taste you.
Getting up and licking my finger off, I lay flat on my back on the bench with my legs over the back of it. You’re a smart girl, you knew what to do. That’s why it didn’t surprise me when you hiked your skirt all the up and straddled my face, placing your hands on the back of the bench and easing onto my waiting tongue. I’m going to enjoy licking you, sticking my tongue deep inside of you, thrusting it in and out…

As you rest on my face, I moan and grow harder as your taste is sweet and naughty. I hold onto your hips, your legs pressed firm against the bench, your pussy sliding up and down my face and there it goes, from behind… One finger…. I felt you shake and your body quiver. I pumped it slow and easy, talking nasty, telling you how much that I loved your tight, shaved pussy. I started to suck wildly on your hard clit, gently nibbling it. A mixture of hot juices poured all over my face and chin. Oh yes… And another… One hand held firmly on your bucking hips, and the other pumping two fingers in and out of your sweet box, trying so hard to keep up with your rhythm. As soon as you froze, I knew you were coming. I pulled out my fingers and drank in every drop that poured out of your hot pussy and I wasn’t stopping until I got it all.
Still shaking from your orgasm, I let you down and decided to take you from behind. You looked so good bent over that park bench, the light shined down on your tanned body just right, your long hair all the way down the crack of your ass and all I wanted to do was shove it in and do you. Holding firmly onto your hips, with one solid thrust, I was deep within you and there you came again, this time, with me...

We sat on the bench, giggling like school kids. Your breasts were red from me nibbling and sucking them. Your pussy was fire red. I should have shaved better before eating you. My chest was ripped from your fingernails. My penis smelled like you, and you enjoyed it.

We smile at one another, and walk separate paths. I walk without shirt through Paris, not sure where yet. What will remain are memories and the ripped, silk panties that I carry in my pocket.

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