Our Night  

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4/23/2006 10:35 am

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Our Night

We arrive around 5pm, the hot desert air whipping at our faces. You rush out and take me into your arms. Your hot kiss buckled my knees and I fell into your arms deeper. Kathy says that if we didn’t mind, that she’d like to lie down for a while. We had no objection to it. We were finally alone.
You asked me if I wanted to take a long hot bath and I agreed. Because we called 5 minutes before showing up, you had already run me a bath. Giving me towels, a glass of wine and a joint, you leave me to enjoy my bath. I soon hear you and Kathy talking about the long trip out here. Removing my clothes, I dipped slowly into the tub. The hot water felt so good against my skin and as I listened to the conversation going on in the living room, I soaped up the washcloth and began to wash my sticky skin. I laughed at the stories she was telling you. We had one hell of a trip!

After Kathy went in for her nap, you knocked on the door. I was underneath all the bubbles when you walked in. You stood there and took in the full sight of me, the first time you saw me naked and wet. I smiled and you apologized for being so rude to stare. I laughed a little and winked at you. I felt the sexual tension in the room as you knelt down at the front of the tub, and asked if I wanted my hair washed. You promised no funny stuff and that you’d prefer to see me on your bed. I told you that I’d love that.

Taking a pitcher of warm water, you soaked my hair and added the shampoo. Your fingers felt so good running all over my head. Pouring another pitcher to rinse out the shampoo, you watch as the water runs down my chest, exposing my breasts. I hear you suck in a breath as I casually rub my breasts and tease my nipples, but I cover them back up with soap and wait for you to condition my hair. I can tell that you can hardly maintain. Your hands massage the conditioner in and I can feel you tug on my hair, hinting to me how bad you want me. I let out a small moan to let you know that I want the same thing.

Rinsing the conditioner out of my hair, you tell me that you’re off to get ready for dinner. You also mention that you have taken the opportunity to pick out my evening wear and that it will be on the bed. I tell you that I’ll be out shortly and you tell me to take my time. You bend down and share a smoldering kiss with me and then you leave. Lighting the joint, I puffed on it for a while. My body started to tingle and my hands began to roam. I stopped short of that, though. I was in the same house with the man who wanted to touch me and couldn’t wait.

I got out of the tub and wrapped up in my robe. I walked into your bedroom, but didn’t see you in there. I sat on the bed and removed the towel, still glancing over my shoulder to see if you’re in there. I could feel you. I knew you were there, but I just couldn’t see you. I began to rub lotion all over my body, down my chest, to my stomach and between my thighs. I spread my legs open and rub lotion on one, then the other.

I started to look around for my dinner attire, but couldn’t find it. The room was huge and the only light I had to go by was the one coming from the fireplace. The effects of the weed made me light headed, so I sat down on the bed. I felt this soft thing beneath me and realized it was a black silk teddy. There was a note on the bed telling me to put this on. So I did and out of the shadows you came. You commented on how beautiful my body was and how you enjoyed watching me lotion my body up and the small glances of me walking around nude.

Taking me into your arms, you kiss me passionately. I ask about dinner and you tell me there is no dinner. You decided to change into shorts and get comfortable. Since Kathy woke up from her nap and left for the evening, we were truly alone. You ask me if I’m hungry and I whisper in your ear, only for you…

Lifting me up onto your huge bed, you spread my legs and slide in between them. Your face is inches from mine. I feel your hands slide up and down my thighs, your breaths coming faster and faster. You start kissing my shoulders, then my neck. I moan at the slight small nibble that you gave it, making me wetter by the minute. As you kiss me, I feel you grab the straps of the teddy and gently pull them down. My shaking and quivering body rocks against yours, your chest rubbing against my sensitive nipples. Your head lowers to take one into your mouth, your hand teasing the other one. I could do nothing but wrap my arms around your neck and let you have your way with me. I have dreamed about this night, our night, for a very long time.

Gently pushing me back on the bed, I watch as you pull the teddy down to my waist. Propping me up onto the pillows, you gaze at me lying there; the flashing sparks from the fireplace display small erotic images against my tanned smooth skin. You bend down and start to suck on my nipples. I moan and pant and can do nothing but think of nasty thoughts. How I wanted you to touch me, lick me, make love to me….

As if you were reading my mind, your head traveled down further. I felt your hot tongue play with my belly ring, surprised that by doing that, you see how it turned me on. Your hands firmly on my hips, your tongue danced all over my belly. Stroking your hair and trying not to pass out from all the heavy breathing, I feel your head lift up. I look at you and watch as your head goes down and your tongue barely touches my hardened clit. As I gasp for air I feel your hands grip harder and you hold me there, exploring the ring in my hood. Seeing how it delighted me, you continued on until I came... And cam again....

Your tongue slides in and out around my swollen lips, licking off the juices that were dripping from there. You lick and suck on my small bud again and going with the movement of my hips, you didn’t stop. You knew you had found the spot. The one spot that will make a woman come all night and she would be at your mercy forever. My panting and squirming only made you go faster and your hands reached up and squeezed my breasts. I didn’t have time to tell you that I was going to cum, but I think you guessed that when you sat up and licked your lips.

Pulling me up to you and wrapping your arms around me, you look into my eyes. You kiss me deep and hard, our tongues dancing together with a rhythm of their own. Tasting me on my lips and in my mouth made me cum again. I feel your hands spread my legs wide and I soon feel your fingers lightly touching my pussy. All I could do was moan and enjoy the sensation your fingers gave me. Opening my legs wider, I start to breath heavier when I feel your finger slide inside of me.

Releasing myself from your hot kisses, I let my head fall back. Your hot lips are covering every inch of my neck and breasts, your finger pumping faster and faster. You tell me your dirty thoughts, about how you couldn’t wait to taste me and how glad you finally did. How sweet I tasted and how you couldn’t get enough. I hear you moan as my pussy grabs onto your finger and could feel my cum dripping out and onto your hand. You bend down and lick every bit of my nectar up. Crawling up to meet my lips, you ask me if I’m ready to be pleased by a real man. In between pants and moans, I tell you that I’ve always been ready for you.

Watching as you dropped your shorts, I stared in awe at the full wonder of you. So handsome and strong. I already loved your tongue and hot steaming kisses, your lips soft but forceful. I kept my eyes on you until you were above me. Lifting one of my legs up, you slid in between me and as you bent down you kissed me, you entered me at the same time. My hands dug into your back, but afraid I’d hurt you, I dug them into the plush covers of the bed. A long sound of pleasure escaped my mouth as you moaned at the feel of my tight box. Every inch you slid in, I became tighter. Bending down, you whisper that you’d be honored if I’d scratch your back. I promised you that I would not hurt you. You sealed my worries shut as your lips parted mine with your tongue.

Putting my legs on your shoulders you pump me slow and easy. Your strong hands firmly placed on my hips, guiding them where to go. That turned you on to no end. The harder you pump, the wetter I get and that drives you crazy. Once again you feel me tighten up and you know I’m going to cum. One hard thrust and it was over for me. I shuddered at each wave and the more I had, the more I shuddered.

Throwing me on my hands and knees, I feel you enter me from behind. Hands locked in place, I feel you thrust into me harder and harder… I can’t quit cumming and I’m so sure I don’t ever want to as long as I’m with you. Grabbing a handful of my long blond hair, I know you’re close. I bounce back into you and rock my body with your hips. I hear you breaths come in small pants and holding me into you, I feel you shoot deep inside of me. My body bucks underneath yours and we fall to the bed.

You curl up next to me and kiss the back of my neck. Before too long, we’re both fast asleep in each others arms…

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