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7/23/2005 7:52 pm

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Has one ever noticed that the type and style of profiles that women use are basically the same if not alike? The truth is women do not really need to compete for the admiration of a man. They continually use these phases "I'm so cute and cuddly", or "I just want to cuddle". Typically they are right.

Reality is, is that women don't really need to write a profile because men whether they fit the ideal man of their dreams, or not are going to be hit on. They will get winks, and emails within seconds after being posted on the site; and they know that. Actually all they need to do is write, I am here boys, start hitting on me.

I also notice that they talk about their horse, or dog in their profile. Which tends to make one wonder if the guy is looking to date the woman, or their animal. It is OK to be an animal lover, but that needs to be reserved for some place else.

Now the man on the other hand is the competitor. No matter how stiff, or limp his pecker is, he needs to write a profile that can walk on water. But as it is, their profiles tends to be the same, and the man really may believe his is original, or least it follows some train of thought.

What really sets the man apart from the ideological thoughts of women, is that the man is attuned to the logical side of reasoning. If the man does not fit in with the woman's emotional wants, he is usually passed over. A big case in point is that if someone tends to interfere between the man's woman and him, the man is most likely to beat up the person who is interfering, not kiss them.

A man is more to be compassionate, and very passionate towards the woman he adores. But as the profiles of women continually dictate what they want in the immediate term, they will continue to pass men over, and ultimately lose out because the man's profile does not show what the woman wants it to show. When in reality that particular man who they are looking for is in reality the one they need; not want.

On explicit sites like this, one needs to be attuned to the idea of pure unadulterated sex. To have any other ideas, then one should relegate themselves to sites that even 9 year olds can read. In AdultFriendFinder, their main market is sex. Either you are in this site for sex, or you need to join sites like, or Yahoo Personals. 9 year olds can read these sites.

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7/23/2005 9:47 pm

I think there is much wisdom in what you are saying. I also think the average female lacks imagination and has difficulty in expressing her true self. Perhaps it is a lack of self knowledge; perhaps through sex they hope to find themselves. Who knows?

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