I feel like I have 2 personalities.  

Rudy1166 51M
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5/15/2006 1:46 pm

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2/13/2009 8:54 pm

I feel like I have 2 personalities.

To look at me, most people think I'm conservative, buttoned up (even when I'm wearing my ratty work clothes), a bit naive, straight-laced, reserved,... well you get the picture.

But I could be in some woman's bed at the drop of a hat if I find her attractive.

I never lie to anyone to get them in bed, and I'm very up front about NOT wanting a commitment.

I could be giving or getting oral to earthshaking orgasm, licking, rubbing, sucking anything that could be licked, rubbed or sucked and having a passionately wild good time at it. Quite the opposite of the 1st paragraph above.

But when it comes to actual intercourse, yes the actual penis in vagina kind, I haven't fully done that since March '05 with my ex wife (Towards the end of the marriage, it was the only thing that we did physically, however rare. No more playing or nibbling with her).
My conservative side comes back at the most inopportune moment.

It's a psychological barrier that I want to break, but it'll take the right woman to do that.
Not necessarily long term, but right.

Anyone out there understand me?

singleagain53578 48F

5/18/2006 4:13 am

Well thats ok. You can save yourself for me when I fly there!
And we can practice over and over and over until you feel more comfortable.


singleagain53578 48F

5/18/2006 4:14 am

I am the same way actually. On the outside I am pretty shy but my close friends all know that inside there is a naughty girl that is waiting to get out!


Rudy1166 replies on 5/18/2006 4:24 pm:
Ohhh baby! Let's be naughty together!

rm_yogachick_7 55M/51F
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5/21/2006 7:58 am

Dave-- All appetizers and no main course? Boo hoo. I've been seeing an "appetizer only" kinda guy and he's leaving me wanting more. Do you just prefer the "small bites" to the main course or are you saving yourself for someone that merits "the whole enchilada"?

I'll give you a call after Germany and we'll chat. With all the fortune that you've been having on both sites, i find it hard to believe (not that i think that you're being untruthful, but still....) that Mr 97% purity is not having all the fun he wants.


Rudy1166 replies on 6/3/2006 8:20 pm:
Everything has it's time. Everything in moderation.
But it will happen sometime soon.

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