Rubenesquelady5 46F
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5/30/2006 11:34 am

Yeah, yeah sue me for misleading headlines...hahaha.

The weather (yes I am obsessed)was crap the last two days - wet, windy and somewhat cold.

But then again we had a short sunny spell. As usual I was sitting in my overheated office trying to taste the last rays dancing my on my desk.

It was distressing to go back to work on Monday, after having four and a half days off last week.

I was gratified to note that my new eating habits and yoga asanas have paid off a little.

As it is I am at my last pair of jeans which is already too big and held up by a belt which is also becoming too loose.

It isn't noticeable, just yet. So I haven't been able to actually go around and show off my "new" body.

I am not obsessed by losing weight so as to aim to be ultimately skinny.

I prefer to be just right. Firm but a healthy rounded glow, protruding at all the right angles and firm in the right places.

I am very curvy right now but just a little too big at the wrong places.

Slowly but surely, this summer will be my summer....unless it rains again!

Work, work. Busy days ahead

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