The Mixed Bag of Goodies  

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9/12/2006 12:25 pm

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The Mixed Bag of Goodies

One of my favorite past times either here, back home or the country I have visited, is to people watch.
The synergy of people remains more or less the same. In every spot I have just vegetated with coffee or beer have the same bag of chocolates - the plain ones, the exotic, the attention seekers, the lonely, the unwanted and the street people.
Today I saw a crimson haired girl, a hot guy sitting a couple of tables from me who turned out to be gay, two elderly ladies on a Scandinavian tour, a couple of daredevils trying to balance on a stairwell while a friend was throwing crushed newspaper balls at him,lonely businessmen from Afghanistan or some where close chatting and commenting on, one assumes, Swedish female fashion.
So the same goes here in this site as well. I browse through profiles of men in Sweden sometimes and I notice the same diversity mixed up in between template induced profile comments and long lists of friends and testimonials.
One hand you have the pictures that were taken as they were standing in front of the bathroom mirror with their pecker jutting out, usually we can see the neck to the little fellow. And of course the hands holding the camera.
Then the one where you just know the guy is married/attached. Must be taken in secret and it shows. Semi dark light, taken close to the computer, a quick pull of the pants and Mr Dick is ready to be photographed in between reading to the kids and making dinner for the family.
Then the regular pictures also vary. You have the pictures taken in far away places, sunbathing, in the middle of eating or cooking, opening a wine bottle or the best one - standing next to a woman. Sometimes they use photoshop to erase her face but hey, I can still see the hair! Yes I have sharp eyes. Or sometimes they don't even bother. I remember seeing one where this guy was playing lawn bowling with a group of women. I wonder what they would say if they knew that picture was in a sex site being used by their friend to find a sex partner? I can already imagine the IQ of the profile owner, much less bother to reply to him.
Basically you have the shy, the bold, the desperate, the ugly, the eager, the liar - you know the ones who put pictures taken of them 10 years ago when they had hair and abs? And then when you do meet them its a thing of the past.
The worst as I mentioned before are the flaccid penises and profiles of single guys looking for a woman or the love of his life but has many many pictures of him and a woman going at it. What a turn off.
However I must say there are some fascinating people out there in Stockholm too. There are one or two who could break my vow not to have anything to do with married men. Hmmm. And then single ones who are just so bloody edible but we are not looking for the same thing. Eventually someone with the same yin and yangs as me will turn up

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9/14/2006 2:52 pm

My dear friend, you just look intense but you know the type of pictures I am talking about right

rm_thnxptsc 50M
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9/16/2006 1:59 pm

Hey there. Just saw your profile. Very cool. I really need to figure out the whole website better. I don't know how you contact someone without being a member. Anyway - just wanted to tell you that I read about you and I liked it a lot.

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9/16/2006 4:45 pm

I think you just did

stockholmlovers 51M/48F
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9/17/2006 8:57 am

Well, no hair so no head picture...

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