Oh, Stockholm Darling  

Rubenesquelady5 46F
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5/18/2006 12:17 pm

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5/19/2006 10:33 am

Oh, Stockholm Darling

Just get on with it you silly slut! What's with all the silly moaning and groaning (eg. wind and rain, get on with it already!

I had to wear my stupid jackets again today because of the miserable weather outside. I don't enjoy having to wear three layers in late spring!

Oh well what am I bitching about anyway. Even if summer came in full force, its not like I am going to run around in my bikini top and shorts and roller skate along Drottningatan.

Not an attractive sight at all. All things considering, the jacket might be a good idea after all.

I'm so tired tonight. The long journey home with delayed trains and weird people (I seem to be blessed with them. Sometimes they all pack into my carriage at one go...its amazing, people don't believe me when I elobrate).

One time I was sitting next to "Mr I didn't shower this morning" and then a woman infront of me with bad breath and if that wasn't enough, a girl with a hearing problem, considering how loud her Ipod was and THEN a wino walked in and tried to brush past me so he could go the end of the carriage to sit on the floor. Uggggggg!

More yoga tonight. No classes, just amateur stuff at home. No inner peace and all that, I put on the 80's channel and do a mix of dancing, yoga and pilates with loads of stretching.

I'll have you know that I can bend over and touch my feet fellas. Sometimes I can stay in that position for a while ........*wink* *hint* *wink*

I'm a big flexible girl

Apparently not only have I got extra points (I mean like wow....AdultFriendFinder being generous?) but I also received compliments for my picture. Peeps like mah lips? Muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh!

I love Sweden and all but man, I hope Carola and her plastic face loses the Eurovision song contest!

Update - half way through the Eurovison semi finals and I change my mind about Carola. Compared to all the weird entries, I think her's is probably the most genuine.

Rubenesquelady5 46F
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5/19/2006 10:33 am

Oh, you should see the newspapers here, just wild with pleasure. I haven't seen the Greek entry but the ones I saw last night were down right bizzare especially the people with green hair and gold caps.

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