A bad experience  

Rubenesquelady5 46F
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7/4/2006 4:48 pm

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7/12/2006 9:46 am

A bad experience

This was more for me to release my disappointment than to bitch about a member so disregard this post if you aren't interested in a rant.....

Internet is not up yet but I am sneaking in on the regular line. Not looking forward to the phone bill!
I am having extreme withdrawal symptoms! From the net of course.

However I really need to get something off my chest.
I know some of you have from time to time in this site (it sort of represents the world doesn't it? All sorts...the good, the bad, the ugly, the kind, the jerks)and well I have had some off and on.

However I had this recent one which is really so very laughable and yet irritating at the same time.

Had an email from a nice enough guy in Stockholm recently so after a little MSN flirting we arranged to meet not too long ago.

Unfortunately my phone was damaged that day and just as I left the office, my boss wanted something done immediately. So I was 15mins late to the meeting.

Instead of meeting at a cafe or restaurant, he asked to meet outside a train station in town.

I noticed someone who looked like him but I was in such a hurry and sort of blur I thought, well he knows what I look like, he'd come over for sure. He looked at me and I thought he was coming over.

This guy goes missing and then after about 8-10mins he reappears and I realize it was that guy.

And he well was nice enough and we start walking to what I thought was an Italian restaurant for some wine.

No, he says, lets take a walk. And don't tell me you still want wine...or something like that. And then he says he thought I wasn't coming and in that 15mins had arranged to meet a friend in 45mins.

I started getting a bad feeling and within a few minutes, I just walked away. Regretting that I wasted time especially after a very difficult and sad day at work and on a personal level.

Later he got on MSN and we chatted and blah blah about his boat and the conversation kept going to his freaking erection.

Eventually we said last week before I turned off my computer that we would attempt to meet this Monday.

On Monday at work, around 3.30pm, he came on and was like.....I'm home and so haard.... and wish you were here...

I think some of you who read me will understand that I am not the kind of woman who takes this kind of behavior from people-- sex site or not!

You don't ask people out (after being given a second chance) and then imply that you'd love to have that person over to take care of that hard little package. Uummmmuhm. No thanks.

I had a little hope for this fella, he wasn't that great looking but he had lived outside Sweden, seemed professional and we could, I thought communicate.

That was before that. Tonight he came on again and said one word and the disappeared and then came on later and to end a long story - walked out from MSN huffing and puffing - victoriously because he could block me!

Oh how so very childish. Why? Because I told him what I felt about the whole thing:

"I don't really care to get into it as I am bleary eyed and still tired from the move.....but I just don't think this is going to work. You sound like you aren't really interested in getting to know me ..... just a good fuck when you're not busy. I don't really care how hard you are when you are home.....Give me a little respect for heaven's sake. Haven't even had a proper real life conversation yet, I could be wrong on all counts but this is my impression," Rubenesquelady5.

But I'd dead tired and lack of sleep with all the stuff thats going on. So I shall give this a rest.

MaggiesWishes 61F

7/4/2006 5:49 pm

Sounds typical of men ... all over the planet. Something hormonal, a defect, and they somehow feel that a good "screw" will end the problem, until next time.
However, stand your ground.
YOU are woman. YOU are the one that chooses the man.
If your gut tells you it's wrong, go with it.
Don't let ONE idiot spoil the whole barrel.

warm wishes 2ya

rm_x7inch 55M
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7/5/2006 12:03 pm

I can promise you that a man with such a behavior isn't looking for a serious relation with you. He just want to lick the cream from the cake and then run for the next cake......

You did the right thing walking away from him and you should be happy if you don't hear from him again....

Many hugs to my favourite blogger....
And hope you soon get the net working at home...

Rubenesquelady5 46F
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7/5/2006 1:35 pm

Thanks everyone! On hindsight, I should have just blocked the jerk from ... when I got home that first nite.
Goes to show that having foreign education,a good job, financially independent and supposedly good looking does not and cannot hide a jerk in a suit.

Thanks Archer247- I am glad I walked away too!

So true - MaggiesWishes!!

Konogo -- oh baby why are all the nice ones married....hahaha!

Rubenesquelady5 46F
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7/6/2006 11:28 am

Thank you, sweetie!

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