White As A Sheet !!  

RoyalPurpleRose 53F
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11/21/2005 10:11 pm

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White As A Sheet !!

I've always heard it ... but never actually seen it. I have never seen someone turn 'white as a sheet'. That is ... until today. My oldest daughter had a doctor appointment. The doctor wanted to have lab work done .... which, of course, means drawing blood.

My daughter absolutely hates needles and blood. When she was getting her ears pierced .. she threw up 3 times between ear one and ear two.

Today, they sat her down in the chair. I'm telling them that she doesn't like needles. And she is freaking out ... almost hyperventilating. She was very red when she first sat down. Then they stuck her with a 'baby' needle and turned completely white! She was shaking so badly that I don't know how they were able to get any blood to begin with. I was trying to calm her down by getting her to focus on her breathing ... but, of course, she couldn't focus on anything but having a needle in her arm.

The nurse told her she better not get pregnant, because they draw blood at least once a month. She said 'Well, I'm adopting!' I can laugh about it now ... but she scared the crap out of me. I really thought she was gonna pass out. I was glad she wasn't there earlier to watch them take blood from me for my lab work.

I'm glad she isn't interested in being a nurse. And Thank God that she doesn't have to test her blood sugar on a daily basis. She'd never be able to do that!

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