Designed by a ...... MAN!!  

RoyalPurpleRose 53F
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11/9/2005 8:35 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Designed by a ...... MAN!!

Some things just should not be designed by a man. Or at the very least, a woman should be involved in the decision process. I say this because of a certain individual hypersensitiveness on my part. I'm sure there are other ladies out there who feel that same way.
Okay ... you say "What the H*LL is she talking about??" Well, I am referring to Public Restrooms for women. They look pretty normal for a restroom when you first walk in. But you get into a stall, sit down, and do your thing. Well, then you have to get the paper - unless you are just really nasty. BUT to get the paper in most restrooms, you have to contort your body just to reach the paper. Most of the paper dispensers are located with the top of the dispenser about knee level. So you have to bend over, or lean over and reach under the thing to get to the paper. And they make the things in such a dark color that you can't tell if there is NO paper before you get to your business. It's not like there is a little button you can push for more paper to magically appear (wouldn't that be a trick?).
A few of the newer restrooms actually have the dispensers set up higher so that you don't practically fall off the seat trying to get to the paper. A woman had to have played a part in that.

11.13.05 Well .. I'm back. I wanted to check this and see what comments I'd received. But get a message that says my 'text has been denied'! Some possible reasons given were: short, bad language, solicitation, personal information, customer service question, or human error. Okay .. 'too short' - this should fix that. 'Bad language' ... hmmmm ... well I didn't even spell it out. Besides .. that is pretty clean. 'Solicitation' ... I'm definitely not selling anything. 'Personal information' ... I don't know where that could be. 'Customer Service Question' ... okay, so they need to ask it. 'Human error' ... so tell me ... where did I screw up??? They might want to be careful with that one.
I read nothing about any posts needing to be a certain length. I really didn't think my comments were too short. I mean ... really ... there is only so much you can say about toilet paper. And you don't want to get me started on the toilets themselves.
Of course ... then you have the doors that will not stay closed. I mean I don't mind being an exhibitionist, but I know of NO ONE that wants to watch someone using the bathroom ... well ... except men. That will have to be saved for another post.
So ... if there was an actual reason for my 'text to be denied' ... can't they just tell me? This is something new to me. So I don't have the 'feel' of it yet.
I am thankful to live in a country where we actually have toilets and paper .. instead of the vast number of alternatives. And, believe me, I have seen some pretty horrible public restrooms over the years. I learned very early to always carry a can of Lysol, roll of paper towels, and gloves. This is especially needed when you are traveling with young kids and they can't wait the 20 miles til the next town. Just do what ya gotta do.

TheLilFondler 34F
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11/9/2005 9:15 pm

LMAO i sooooooooo understand what your saying..... if men can have the conveniance of urinals then we should be able to make the layout of our restrooms to fit us better....

i lost my virginity years ago.....
but i still have the box.....

doit4joy 60M
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11/9/2005 9:34 pm

Well, first of all, I feel the same way as you do.
Quite a often, I have hard time to reach the paper too. (The hard one to figure out is plastic container contains two rolls of paper, holding spare roll, just in case for backup. But it is not easy to flip the door located on bottom. That's very bad design..
I don't think that's design by any architect, rather installed by those construction worker who really doesn't care about user.

Think about the world wide situation, there is not many country where paper is availbale in public wash room. (and it kept relatively clean here in north america)

Cdub2U 62M

11/15/2005 2:01 am

NO ONE that wants to watch someone using the bathroom ... well ... except men

No my love we don't want to see you take a leak either, besides there is nothing to see. Taking a shower, a Bath, yes, but not a nature call.


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