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12/16/2005 8:26 am

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I wouldn't want you to miss your 15 minutes of asshole fame......HERE IS YOUR BLOG ENTRY AS I JUST POSTED IT...


Okay, I want you to know this is the poster boy for how to NOT respond to a polite no thank you when YOU are the idiot in the first place. Here is how it unfolded....

EMAIL: Im in Royal Oak 40 and retired but married that okay?

SECOND EMAIL HOURS LATER: Wanna talk? (end of these emails)

I did not see this email immediately so I answered the first one. Before answering I 'did' go read his profile to be sure that he was not a standard member that could not read my usual..."I" gave the benefit of the doubt here.

MY RESPONSE: Honestly, READ the profiles dear. I state clearly and UP FRONT...NO MARRIED MEN in my profile. Had you read the profile you would have seen that and known the answer to your question. I truly am not angry, but it is frustrating that we women (not just me you see) get about 50-75 emails a day and about 3/4 of them are like this. Had you read the profile as well as the others rather than just look at the pics, you would not be getting told no and turned down as much as you do. We women would have more time to actually answer the ones we match. Good luck to you in your search and again, read the profiles and you will see the answers to many of your questions before you even send an email. NO married means NO Married AT ALL. (end of my email) is where the 'idiocy' starts. He fires off 3 responses in less than 1 minute.

The first is a quick reply of "I think we are looking for different things." I suppose now HE feels better that HE turned ME down as if "I" was hitting on him...go figure.

The second one, he was obviously so angry he hit a wrong button so it was empty.

The third email says: Hun you dont have to be a cunt about it dam.

Okay, listen up assholes!!!! YOU sent the email, I am NOT your hun and that does NOT make the insult better because you did that. "I" am a c*nt???? EXCUSE ME!!!!! YOU did not read the profile, YOU sent the email. Now "I" am a c*nt because YOU were an asshole???

"I" was polite and told you not only the answer but a REASON as to why women do/do not do things on this site. People are always whining about 'why isn't anyone answering?' so I took the time to tell him. When someone takes the time to ANSWER your lame ass, I could have just IGNORED YOU!!! but NOOOOOOOOO, I answered. So now "I" am the bad guy here??? I DON'T THINK SO!!!

People write profiles for a reason. I know many of you think this is a whorehouse warehouse and that as a 'sex site' we are just here to service you...pic a chick - get laid. Well trust me...I am NOT employed by the AdultFriendFinder PIMP and neither I nor anyone else has to or is going to just screw anyone and everyone that asks. Get real!!! and grow the f*ck up!!! Do NOT flame people for saying no and giving an explanation. Had I not given a reason I am sure the next email would have been "But if you only give me a chance...." WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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