Sex at work  

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9/26/2005 8:53 pm

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Sex at work

Sex at work. Everyone seems to fantasize about it. Unless you work from home, how many of us actually get a chance to do it?

I did. Today.

I got a second time with Mr. Friday Night. By daylight he is, if possible much more handsome. The fortune to be made by cloning him. He finished with his meeting and was fairly close by. He called to see, if he could come by work and ravish me for a bit.

“Yes! Oh YES!” was what my mind thought, I think what I said was closer to ‘sure, that sounds like fun.’

He got to my work; I took him down to the stock room. He is tall. The top of his spiked hair brushed the ceiling. That kiss, oh, that first kiss. It’s like grabbing onto a low voltage wire. A buzz that starts at the top of your head and runs into the bottom of your feet. When his hands hold onto my back, and he massages those lower back muscles, I lean into him. I run my hands across his strong back and I realized that I have gone beyond standing on tiptoe to en Pointe. Hmm, I am going to need something else to lean on.

I take him over to the stock shelves and him sit down in a chair. I begin to massage those broad shoulders. The skin is soft and smooth, those muscles barely move for me. I added a bit more strength into my hands, and heard what I was hoping to hear.

“That’s good.” From him, I’ll take a good. I kiss his neck, ears while massaging those tight muscles. I let my hands work down his spine and lower back. He turns toward and stands up. I am completely against the shelves and that hand that comes behind my head and grabs a handful of hair. Those soft and strong lips kiss mine. His tongue parts my lips, I respond in kind kissing him back fully. His hand under my shirt feeling my tits and nipples. When his mouth leaves mine, to not just kiss but feast upon my tits, I feel a pull from deep inside.

In what feel like a second, my pants are undone and his shirt completely unbuttoned. He feels between my legs and I kiss his neck and chest. Just to provide a better angle, I brace one foot against a shelf. Oh that does feel better. His fingers are so strong and agile; he is able to get my clit so hard in seconds. Can I melt now? Between his kisses and fingers, I raise my self off the floor completely.

His voice is better than a rush of heroine. The soft, firm way he tells me to come for him, makes me want to and do it repeatedly, just to hear him say it.
His fingers so strong and expertly rub, pull on me that my arms just start to shake. I am shaking all over when that spasm hits. I literally suck his tongue and lips till the spasms stop.

He sits down in the chair. I climb over his lap and kiss those shoulders. Personally, I think his shoulder and back are completely sexy. I don’t know if he thinks so, he thinks I am a bit unusual. He asks me, what else I would to him?

“What do you want done to you?” I ask
“Suck me, babe.”

I pull him up out of the chair and rest on my knees. I undo his belt, button and zipper. I slide off those khakis and boxer briefs. I run my hands over his ass and down the back of his legs, to the front up his thighs and across his pelvis. I take that very hard cock of his into my mouth. He can make the word fuck sound delicious. I know he is thoroughly enjoying it because both of his hands are in my hair. I work my lips and tongue up and down him, rolling my tongue over and around him. I take my hands and run them up and down his legs.

Soon, it’s he that needs to sit down. I have him entirely in my mouth and running my hands on the inside of his thighs. When I suck at his balls, I have my fingers lightly tracing under him and at the root of his cock. He tells me that I really know what I am doing don’t I? I can’t really answer, but sort of hum one anyway.

Soon he has me stop. I put the condom on him and lay on the floor. He grabs my legs to bend them back and ooh. He is in me and fingering me at the same time. I can’t think, I can’t breath and fuckme, my knees. Concrete floors aren’t conducive to sex on the floor.

When he got up and I sat up. He mentioned that he had never done that in a stockroom before ‒ what would a third time be like? I just smiled at him and said I did tell you that I was a bit unusual, didn’t I?

Tomorrow I will bring a sleeping bag, that should help his knees.

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